Can the Kings really land Larry Bird?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Vivek Ranadivé has reportedly spoken to Larry Bird about leading the Kings' front office. Is this real?

Is Larry Bird actually a legitimate option to run the Sacramento Kings?

From Sam Amick, USA Today Sports:

Yet while It appears [former Pacers GM David] Morway will get his shot to impress Ranadive, the new Kings owner continues to attempt to court former Pacers team president Larry Bird as well. There have been no formal interviews between Bird and Ranadive, but the dialogue is clearly open enough that he sees a chance - however slim it might be - to persuade him to oversee the franchise.

From The Bee's Jason Jones:

Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadive has had conversations with NBA legend Larry Bird about running the team's basketball operations, The Bee has learned.

From The Bee's Ailene Voisin:

Contrary to published reports, Ranadive and Bird have not met. But conversations are ongoing, and that Bird, 56, is even listening suggests he is at least mildly interested. While folks close to Bird said they would be stunned if the Hall of Famer accepted a position with another small-market franchise almost 2,000 miles from his hometown of French Lick, Ind., these same people were shocked that he picked up the phone. [...]

Bird - who appreciates a pay raise as much as the next guy - probably isn't happy about the hit he took when Pacers owner Herb Simon trimmed salaries.

Improbable things have been happening in Sacramento since Vivek entered our lives. This is an improbable thing that could possibly happen to Sacramento. I remain skeptical Bird is interested in taking on this project. But I was also floored he stepped away from the Pacers last year. He's a weird dude. Idiosyncratic. This is definitely one of those situations where I would be totally shocked if he actually came aboard and I would still be not that surprised he came aboard. Frankly, I'm not even sure the Kings still exist. For all I know, I'm still in a gin-soaked stupor after drinking myself to the brink on April 18. Is any of this -- Vivek, Sacramento, Bird -- real?

To be clear: Bird would be an incredible coup. But if the Kings cannot land Bird, there are still quite good candidates available. Morway, who implemented Bird's vision from 2008-12, is a prime example. He might actually be my new favorite candidate, Bird excepted.

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