TGIF Mail Sac/Pick & Droll: Visitor guide, 1850 thinking, podcasts & Mt. Kingsmore

Doug Pensinger

Calling all StR members! Calling all StR members!

A host of questions today from good old Sactown Royalty members that cry out for input and guidance from the community.

Let’s start with jtkings13: “I’m from England and I’ve been a Kings fan for a few years now and a member of Sactown Royalty for a good year or so, can I just say the site really does put a smile on my face and it’s probably the most visited site on my browser except Google! Haha.

Luckily for me, I’m coming to California for my holiday this summer, and I get to spend one night in Sacramento. So my question to all of you is, if you were spending just one day in Sacramento, what would you do? Where would you go to eat? Which sights would you go and see? Which hotel would you stay at?

All these things are yet to be decided for my day/night in Sacramento, so I'd really appreciate your guy's help to make this holiday the best.

PS, I’ve already got a visit to ARCO on my list.”

I’m going to keep my input brief here, since I am anticipating overwhelming response in the threads for this one. If price is not a consideration for dinner, Biba. Located downtown, it is simply spectacular. Incredible cuisine that I would describe as Italian with a California influence. Whether your preference is pasta, meat, poultry or fish, they will have something that will absolutely knock your socks off. And the best service in the city. It’s not cheap though: $75-$100 a person by the time that you get done with drinks and tip.

I’ll contribute more in the thread if needed, but I’m betting that you’re going to get plenty of direction from the mob. Welcome to Sacramento!

Here’s a postcard from rubenho: “I assume if there were any big news on the matter, I would have probably heard about it on StR. Nevertheless, because I'm not linked to some sort of local news, I'm going to ask anyway. I'm curious as to the structure of the ownership group. I'm wondering if there have been any reports as to who's in charge of what, who holds which percentages and on what panel or whatever are major decisions made. Right now it seems like Vivek’s autocracy, but I'm sure that's nowhere near the truth. I noticed that Mastrov is hardly mentioned anymore and I have no idea what the latest Indian guy Vivek added (sorry, I forget the name) brings to the table. If you can clear any of that up, much appreciated.”

I wussed and tagged out to kfipp on this one: “I believe I had heard that Andrew Miller would be chair of the teams "technology committee" and Chris Kelly would focus on Social Media. Raj Bhathal's company designs, manufactures, and markets for clothing labels. My guess is he'll have a hand in the teams merchandising. I'm not sure I've seen anything that spells out what kind of role guys like Mark Mastrov, Naren Gupta, and Mark Jacobs will play.”

Next, a plea for help from a person that is bold enough to call himself “#1 Travis Outlaw fan:”I've recently moved back to Sac after living abroad and I have found myself defending the city's financial involvement in the arena to a number of friends and family. Most complaints go something like this: "At a time when schools are closing, city workers are being laid off, furloughs are cutting paychecks, how can Sacramento afford this giant subsidy?"

My rebuttal heavily focuses on the reinvigoration of downtown but most people are more worried about where the money is coming from and why it can't go towards saving schools and jobs. What do I say to that?”

I’m going to defer reasoned answers to my fellow members, because I’m about to get my unreasonable on (and not towards you, #1 Trout fan, but towards those that are barking up your tree). My answer will simply not satisfy those folks. My answer is that this is what big cities do, and Sacramento as a region is a big city. If you want to think small town, go live in one.

Yes, it would be wonderful if team owners paid for everything. But that would ignore the simple fact of supply and demand. Seattle, Anaheim, Virginia Beach, Louisville, Kansas City…each and every one of them ready to help fund this sort of thing. You know who isn’t ready? Woodland, Roseville, Stockton, Cameron Park, and many, many others. And I hear that there are apartments for rent and homes for sale in each one of those towns.

Oh, and are these folks ready to invest $3 in schools and jobs for every $1 that the city kicks in? Because that’s basically what’s happening with the Downtown Plaza project. The new owners of the Kings and local investors and developers will be into this deal for roughly $750,000,000 by the time it’s all said and done, with roughly $250,000,000 coming in the form of city subsidy.

This isn’t a function of one being better than the other. I have lived in homeowner associations and non-homeowner associations, and they are both great, depending on your wants and needs. What doesn’t work is when you own boats and RV’s and campers and you want to park them in an HOA, and what doesn’t work is when you want your neighbors to keep their yards to a certain standard when you don’t live in an HOA. The point is that you should find a place that suits your needs, and if there are folks around here that don’t want to grow with Sacramento, perhaps they should find alternate digs.

Now, I know that this is incredibly narrow-minded of me, and I do indeed respect a person’s right to their opinion. But downtown Sacramento needs this renovation, and the region does benefit from the presence of major league sports. And if someone can’t see that, I can’t help them to see the light. Hopefully you will find some answers in the thread that are not from a grumpy old man like me.

Whoo – I feel cleansed. Let’s see what else we have in the old mailbag. Here’s one from the one and only Murf: Does anyone listen to Podcasts? Which ones do you like? I would recommend the Cowbell Kingdom podcast not only as it’s a Kings podcast, but their work on the Arena issue was superb. It was funny, as listening to that it really examined the issue and pretty much gave an indication of what was going to and in fact did happen. It’s a shame that the national media wasn't so much on the ball.

I’m the next best thing to a podcast virgin. Or at the very least I’m monogamous, as I really only listen to Cowbell Kingdom podcasts. Love ‘em, in spite of the fact that I can’t get a word in edgewise, and that kills me! And yeah, the national media’s loss is our gain, isn’t it?

(Editor’s note – I did cross check Murf’s account to ensure that he wasn’t really jjham15)


The “Mail Sac” should fill the thread on its own, but Aykis16 dropped this idea for the “Pick & Droll” portion, and it’s a goodie. Who's your Mount Rushmore of Sacramento Kings history, i.e. the 4 guys who had the biggest influence/impact on the franchise. For me (me being Aykis) it'd be Greg Lukenbill (got us a team), Mitch Richmond and Chris Webber (two best players in team history) and Kevin Johnson (kept us our team).”

I’d go with KJ, Lukenbill, Richmond, Webber, and I’d add a fifth member for Jerry Reynolds’ remarkable tenure. And yes, I’m heavily biased. I love that man to almost Willie Mays levels. If that makes me an idiot, I am at total peace with my idiocy.


That’s a wrap until Monday for the Mail Sac / Pick & Droll. Be sure to leave your questions and topic ideas at The letters that we don’t use are printed and taped to Grant Napear’s windshield, so nothing is going to waste. And as always, the thread is 100% jackable.

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