The following is commentary. Its not a news article. Enjoy :)

I don’t really have the time or inclination to write a post about J-Wow. As an individual, I find him vapid. As a player, I find him increasingly irrelevant. But someone needs to set the record straight on his recent shenanigans.

The Blob strikes again.

If franchise cornerstone and future NBA all-star, DeMarcus "Bad Boy" Cousins, aka 36/22, was pulling this sort of B.S., instead of getting ready to practice with the U.S. Olympic squad, you can bet the anti-Cuz contingent would be out in full force stroking each others egos.

Let me make this quick and put this kid on blast where he belongs.

J-Wow has played in 378 games. The team has lost 278 of those games. That's a loss percentage 73.5%. J-Wow is the one and only player to bear witness and participation to this run of unmitigated incompetence.

J-Wow has been an integral part of Kings teams that compiled losses at record setting rate. He’s been a core participant of teams that have not been competitive enough to win even 30 games (17, 25, 24, 28 and 22 in one shortened season).

Bad teams find a way to win 30 games. Expansion teams with patchwork rosters win 20 games, through home court advantage, schedule and injury exploits.

The Kings rate of losing has been epic in its ineptitude. J-Wow has been there for the ride.

J-Wow set a personal best this year with a whopping 28 wins. After 4 years in college, almost 400 pro games, a ton of minutes logged, not only has he not sniffed the playoffs, he has not even got a whiff of a playoff run.

Slice it and dice it, justify it and rationalize it how you want, that's belly up bad, baby.

Yet don’t miss my point.

I am not here to assert the degree to which J-Wow has been the cause of persistent failure. Correlation does not equal causation. Certainly there are plenty of culprits to the fiasco of the last half-decade, and J-Wow is NOT at the top of the list.

Yet we can draw unequivocally the following conclusions: He’s not a difference maker. He’s not an impact player. He’s not a game changer. He’s not a keeper.

J-Wow ranked 142 out of 172 qualified players last season in Net PER rating, at -2.1.

His PER per this formula was 15.4. The PER of the man he guarded was 17.5. His ranking places him in the bottom 80% of qualified players.

Bottom 80% of rotational players does not represent a capable starter. That’s not ideal third big qualifying performance, either.

For a player entering his prime (age-wise), playing for a coach that catered to him all year with PT and starting job, hoping he’d blossom into a double-double machine, he disappointed.

Among players who saw consistent action, J-Wow was among the worst.

He didn’t make enough scoring plays. He didn’t make enough defending plays. His opponent did it better. This is nothing new. This has been part of a five year trend to help to contribute to a 73.5% loss rate.

It helped contribute to the firing of Paul Westphal and Coach Smart. In an indirect way, it contributed to the exile of Tyreke Evans, who had too few weapons at his disposal on alley oops, drop offs or post feeds, and too few outlet passes to receive to instigate his strengths.

This reality check sets the stage for recent events:

Imagine the unadulterated gall of a new front office to go out and attempt to improve a perceived weakness, to try to shore up an area of need, low post scoring and projected new starter, with the addition of Carl "Top Hat" Landry.

How dare Petey D, Mullie and Vivek commit to a guy who completed a second consecutive bounce back season, slimmer and trimmer than his underachieving 2010-11 former Kings version, that included pivotal plays in playoff wins?!

How dare the Kings front office take interest in a winner!

Immediately after the signing, J-Wow took to twitter to express his veiled displeasure:

Jason Thompson ‏@jtthekid 6 Jul


A new nickname was born.

Then he tried to be cool about it by butchering the English language (note he’s 26 year old), sounding anything but cool:

Jason Thompson ‏@jtthekid 6 Jul

Me n ryt5 Aint Worried About Nuttin !!

Today he followed up to make it clear he hadn’t forgot what occurred three days prior:

Every year da bro @jtthekid AKA"Yes Sirrr"gets a new challenge in his position&every year he Beats it Out,mean anything? #Respect #Kings

Retweeted by Jason Thompson

And then, finally this little gem, a line from a new Jay-Z song:

Jason Thompson ‏@jtthekid 7h

F* Wit Me, You Kno I Got It..........

Really? Not impressed.

By comparison, when Iggy signed on with the Dubs, Stephen Curry was gracious and enthusiastic. He celebrated the arrival of a new teammate and envisioned future success in a few short words. He took a moment to publicly bond with a teammate and reciprocate greetings.

Stephen Curry ‏@StephenCurry30 5 Jul

Gonna be a great 4 yrs bro! RT @andre: Yo @StephenCurry30 LETS GET IT!!!!

Granted they don’t play the same position, but Curry responded like a winner, like a guy who, by the way, made more three pointers in one season than any player in NBA history, who led his team to the second round of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, J-Wow was worried about his playing time.

And felt the need to let it be known publicly.

He offered no welcome to a former teammate for 81 games, at least publicly, seemingly insulted the front office has less than an esteemed opinion of his game.

Is this the type of player we can expect to change our culture from awful to awesome?

He’s a veteran of the league who has zero leadership qualities on a team that needs leadership. He seems to be out of touch with the collective shortcomings of his team and his personal deficiencies as a player.

I get that players have egos but this self-absorbed attitude and veiled indignation will do nothing to reverse the fortunes of a perennial lotto team.

If J-Wow was more mature, he would refrain from the passive aggressive pseudo-machismo tweets, and speak directly to his new coach and GM to gain insight into his future prospects as a King.

Instead, he quoted a rapper.

He didn’t choose the lyric randomly. This is what I interpret this tweet to mean:

You signed Carl Landry? You f*ck wit me? Don’t you know who I am? I am Jason Thompson?! I have won 28% of my games as an NBA pro! Not 24%...or 26%....28% m**ha f***ka! I play hard every night! I hustle and its not fake! I beat Landry out once and I’ll do it again. You know I Got It…

The Kings are trying to change their culture, to represent the city and fan base with performance over which everyone can be proud.

That's not going to happen with simmering malcontents publicly questioning personnel moves when they themselves have accomplished nothing of significance in five NBA seasons.

The free agent frenzy has been exciting so far, and there is more thrills and spills to come. I can only hope one team in 29 has the lack of prudence to accept J-Wow in exchange for anything. I don’t want him on my roster anymore. I have my doubts we'll find a taker, but one thing is for certain:

The biggest baby on the Sacramento Kings is not DeMarcus Cousins. That title belongs to Jason Thompson.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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