Verdict Is In: McLemore, McCallum [Kinda] deliver on Hype


Ray McCallum drives to the hoop in Summer league action


The Kings showed grit, played with gusto, and played DEFENSE?!

Summer league game be damned the Kings burst out of the gate tonight and really gave the Mavericks fits. There were highlight reel dunks [the alley oop to Aiken, Clyburn's put-back] and the team showed some crisp passing through that first half. But there are two halves in this game and the Kings failed to show for the conclusion.

The Kings kicked off their 2013 NBA Las Vegas Summer League slate with a loss 76-73 to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday afternoon. Recent draft picks Ray McCallum and McLemore looked confident in finding [discovering?] their shots and managed to play some heady defense.

McLemore finished with 11 points on 4 of 23 shooting, 1 for 11 from the three-point line. McCallum had 11 points on 11 shots but also added three steals, eight rebounds and four assists. Tyreke who? And while there were some bright spots to take away here, there were most definitely some ugly ones as well.

Drew Gordon Impressive

The rookie posted 17 points on 7 for 12 shooting. He also added 10 rebounds all while playing just 24 minutes. Highly effective line tonight by Drew. I hope he keeps up this great play. He could definitely earn a roster spot doing that on a nightly basis.

McCallum/McLemore Dreadful....Kinda.

McLemore and McCallum combined to absolutely stink the gym up. As a team they were god awful shooting just 35 percent on 27 of 77 shooting. BUT this team played with poise and a high IQ [through the first half] and really made an effort to attack on the offensive end and play team defense at the other. I was really impressed with how polished Ray looked running the offense.

McCallum Up To Challenge

Ray McCallum definitely looked like he was ready for Opening night tonight. He ran the pick and rolls well and really made an effort to find an open man in space. He made some pretty incredible shots under duress. It felt like it was 'his team'. I don't think McCallum impressed me enough to warrant stealing I.T.'s minutes going forward but he definitely looked up to the challenge.

McLemore Is Legit

Ben McLemore banged his knee chasing down a rebound and really struggled UNTIL he put back a monster dunk that effectively shut me up. While i'm not ready to crown him after one game i am willing to say he has a sweet stroke and will make us forget all about Jimmer.

McLemore came out of the scouting combine and interviews described as naive. Ben had a stellar [and short] career at Kansas as well. Those two factors likely explains his draft day slide and to his failure to sway NBA scouts and owners. I think Ben McLemore is a star and at number seven a steal in the draft. He has a silky shot and already gives me the impression he'll be hitting big time shots in the purple and black.

I have a feeling those who were groaning about him taking Peja's number will be eating warm mushy crow this October. : Game Recap/ Box Score

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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