The Destruction of the Kings - Homer Must Die

I offer you up the next chapter in the Destruction of the Kings saga.

Homerism can be a raging beast of non-rational and counter-intuitive emotions. It can make us love or hate players without being able to really understand it ourselves. Commonly, we typically over-rate the players on our team, but I am sorry this must now end.

It is time to feed the grinder of Deconstruction and Death its latest feast. It is time to make sausage out of that which many of us hold most dear. A chunk of our own fandom. We have attached ourselves to players that are almost all on the chopping block… Our irrational need to affix ourselves to something worth cheering for on the Kings is leading us to a dark and painful place of loss.

Tyreke Evans went for 20 – 5 – 5 in his rookie year. He was a reason to cheer and many of us were quick to overlook his lack of a jump shot and his need to pound the ball running down the clock. We invested ourselves in him and now he is gone. The first death of many,…but the dominos are set up to fall. Because his loss will necessitate other changes.

The next death confronts us and I think this one will be more painful… We have to cut off the head of the team and rewire a new brain. Now we can make head cheese or serve up some cabeza tacos, but that likely won’t help many who will lose one of the last reasons to cheer a very bad team.

The emergence of IT was another reason to cheer despite the losses and continued horror that was the Kings. How can you not love the indomitable spirit of the last and shortest person chosen in the draft clawing his way to a starting position? It was just awesome, but the sad truth is that his days of starting are over. Start the grinder…

He could have only done what he did on a bad team. His starting was more of a statement about the lack of depth in our roster and selfishness of players than anything else. It was only possible because for all that Tyreke was NaPG he did have the ball in his hands a lot. He did dominate the ball and because of that IT didn’t play PG full time. As a combo guard he fit. But, this is not the case any longer. Instead of Tyreke we have McLemore and he isn’t the same player. It is doubtful that IT simply can start because McLemore is an entirely different player. He really needs a pure PG to set him up and that is why Greivis Vasquez should be the new starting PG.

As new ownership and management changes the rotations and gets rid of players we have liked and cheered for it is going to be hard to watch. IT probably doesn’t start, but that may be for the best. The Kings have had ISO play and a huge deficit in assists for far too long. This has to change and it is doubtful that the new team sees IT as the fix and that is why they got Vasquez.

I still believe in IT and want him to succeed, but on a good team he doesn’t get much play time. And I want the Kings to be a good team. So, I am faced with the death of my homerism, to some degree, for IT.

I am faced with cheering for an individual player that really isn’t good enough to take this team where it needs to go or for an overall team to win and get better. Because I see that as the choice, my choice anyway, but I think it is true for other as well. Whether they realize it or not…

We can either remain homers rooting for our favorite players at the expense of the overall success of the team or… Homer must die.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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