Where do the Kings go from here?

So we awoke to news that the Kings were supposedly trading away their second most talented player, and second most valuable asset in Tyreke Evans, to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Greivis Vasquez and Robin Lopez. We would have had to commit 11 million a year to Tyreke Evans over the next 4 years, or 2 million to Vasquez this year, and 5 million to Lopez each of the next two seasons. Then it was reported that we wouldn't be getting Lopez, and that he would be going to Portland as part of the deal. So the Kings are saving 9 million against the cap next season, losing a talent, in exchange for a year long look at a player who may not be better than Evans, but may make the puzzle that is the Sacramento Kings slightly more clear.

Assuming that Vasquez is the only piece the Kings will be getting in this trade, he basically eliminates the Kings need for Jose Calderon, so it is safe to assume the Spaniard will not be signing with the Kings. The point guard rotation becomes clear now. With the 6'6 Vasquez starting, Isaiah Thomas backing him up and providing a spark off the bench, and McCallum developing as the 3rd PG. This ends the experiment of Jimmer Fredette handling the ball, and helps solidify what the rotation will be. It is a coaches dream to have players that can play multiple positions, but as the old quarterback saying goes "if you think you have two quarterbacks, you really have no quarterbacks." Tyreke needs stability, he needs to learn a position and thrive. "Ball handler" is not a position in the NBA, you either need to be a scoring guard, a facilitator, a shooter or a defender. If you can do multiple aspects of that, you are a great player, but if you are not doing any of them well, you are just kind of average.

The shooting guard position also becomes more clear. Without the confusion that Tyreke brought when splitting time between the 1-3, the Kings can commit to Marcus Thornton and Ben McLemore at that position in whatever order Malone seems suitable. Jimmer would be the 3rd guard in that rotation.

The search for small forward also becomes extremely clear. Verdict, the Kings do not have one. They have the ball movement killing John Salmons, whom everyone wants to be amnestied, and the non-shooting shooter that is Travis Outlaw. There is no short term solution at the position that Tyreke Evans provided. The need is now glaring. Salmons had a good run for a few years where he was a decent scorer and defender, but those days are behind him.

So who can the Kings sign? We all want Andre Iguodala because he would be the best small forward the Kings have had since Ron Artest in his last moments of being relevant. His desire to play some PG in the future scares me. Scottie Pippen is the comparable mold for what Andre Iguodala is. He is kind of a jack of all trades who is part defensive stopper, part facilitator, part finisher, and a decent 3rd option scorer. When Pippen decided he wanted to extend his career, he knew it wasn't going to be as a scorer, stopper, or finisher anymore. He became PG for the Portland Trail Blazers. He was great in that role, but Iguodala is not the creator that Pippen was. So his desire to play some point hints to me that he is starting to doubt his ability to be at a high level in the other parts of his game that made him what he is. (I am by no means putting Iguodala at the level of the great Pippen, but there are similarities)

I turn my attention to a handful of SF ideas. My original desire to sign Chase Budinger is mute since he resigned with the Wolves. There are a few interestin prospects still available that might be interested in the opportunity that being the SF for the Kings would bring:

1 - DeMarre Carroll - He is an energy guy and who would create extra possessions for the Kings scorers. The problem is that he is not a scoring threat and will not space the floor for Cousins. He is more of a second string guy, but the Kings don't even have a first option at this point.

2 - Anthony Morrow - a career 42% shooter from 3 who does little else.

3- Al-Farouq Aminu - This could save Tyreke Evans and the Kings at the same time. He is a dreaded offensive player, but anyone who can average 8 rebounds, a block and a steal from the SF position is worth a look. The fact that he is 6'9 and 22 years old doesn't hurt either.

4 - Dorell Wright - the option that more people know about. He is more of an upgrade than most others on this list, but that fact that his steals numbers have been cut in half recently would hint that maybe even though he is not old by any means, that he may becoming just a spot up shooter, which is not what he would think he is when negotiating a contract.

5- Corey Brewer - Corey Brewer may be the best option of the bunch he has two skills. He is a defensive stopper and can finish. That is all the Kings may need from the SF position right now. Someone who brings something to the table, and won't be a glaring weakness when he is out there. Is that scary that our best option may be someone who's main selling point is that he doesn't suck?

* I omitted any G/F options such as Tony Allen because he would create the same question that Tyreke did.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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