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What is the fascination with a traditional "pass-first" PG? Lately every where I look, it's Jose Calderon this, Greivis Vasquez that! The playoffs ended a few weeks ago. According to the T.V. ratings, we all watched the playoffs. Yet we keep clamoring for a "pass-first" PG. Why? Off the 16 teams that made the playoffs this year, how many had a "pass-first" PG?

OKC, Russell Westbrook. "Pass-first" ?

HOU, J Lin, "Pass-first" ?

MEM, Mike Conley, "Pass-first" ?

DEN, Ty Lawson, "Pass-first" ?

GSW, Steph Curry, "Pass-first" ?

SAS, Tony Parker, "Pass-first" ?

Western conference only so far, I haven't even gone into the east...

MIL(B. Jennings), BKN(D. Williams), CHI(K. Hinrich), IND(G. Hill) etc etc You get the point?

Out of those 16 playoff teams, the Clips with CP3 and BOS w/Rajon Rondo would be the only ones that could say "hey, we got a traditional pass-first PG". So what is the fascination? The other 14 teams did well enough to get to the playoffs. I don't remember seeing CP3 or Rondo in the finals? Do you?

But whenever I read anything about the Kings it almost always starts with PASS-FIRST PG. I agree we need ball movement on this team. But the PG isn't the only that can facilitate that. Basketball is changing. This isn't Naismith basketball anymore. Most teams have numerous ball handlers on the court at a given time. Any one of them can act as the primary "play maker" if need be. Look at HOU, MIA, OKC, IND, DEN etc etc. But we are stuck in a "pass-first" gear in Sac.

The Kings were willing to go all out for Andre Iguodala. Willing to over pay. Iguodala is a 29 year old, whos stat line was 13.0ppg, 5.4ast, 5.3rbg. All of that in Coach Karls uptempo offense. 13 mil a year for that? Really? & Remember we were being told the Kings needed "shooting" Iguodala shot 31.7% from 3 last year. Is a career 32% shooter from there.

In there desire to be "aggressive", a 23 year old Tyreke Evans left for peanuts in return. IMHO General Greivis isn't even better than Isaiah Thomas. Tyreke has his warts. I've seen him go into bulldoze mode & try to bull his way to the basket(while all of us are screaming PULL UP FOR A JAY, TEARDROP, SOMETHING...NOOOOOO). Still; I'd much rather have a freakish athlete, who can play multiple positions, with untapped potential, than a one dimensional "pass-first" PG who can't shoot either. Greivis shot 34.2% from 3 last year. His shooting percentage has improved but we already have many 35% three point shooters on this team.

What exactly are we doing?

& now welcome back Carl Landry :(

Hopefully Pete D'Alessandro & Vivek can pull there collective heads out of there a$$ & stop handing contracts to ex nuggets or ex warriors. FYI: there's more than two teams in the NBA guys. I'm starting to think NBA stands for NuggetsBayarea

We still got DeMarcass Cousins..Hooraaaaaaaaaaay!!! -_-

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