The Destruction of the Kings – Tyreke Evans edition

The Kings are dying a painful death. The hydra heads of this dysfunctional franchise were finally axed. We are Maloof-free at last…. Many of us thought the rest was gravy, but it isn’t... Is it? At least not yet...

The reality is that the death of the Kings is still going on. After all, the death must be complete before any sort of rebirth or reincarnation can happen.

The current Kings must, root and branch, die. Die completely.

Now the rest of the body, from the neck down, must be dismembered, chopped apart, and, in many cases, abandoned. In some cases, the tidbits can be made into a stew and in other cases we can try to swap the choicer ground chuck for a lower grade of steak. Perhaps for a different cut of meat altogether...

The goal is going to be to get the most we can throughout all of this, build on resources where we can, and avoid doing the franchise any long-term damage. But, damage really must be done in the short-term. It is going to hurt.

Players have to get axed. They have to go. This is a bad team that has been put together based on who was cheap rather than good. Based on what was easy rather than a coherent team identity. This team has been put together based on letting go of good talent rather than paying to keep it and without much regard to winning games.

So, now we have a franchise that is committed to winning and their first action is letting go of Tyreke Evans? This doesn’t compute, it doesn’t add up, and it seems all too familiar.

But, it really is different. We have to build a team that can win and keeping Tyreke Evans was not going to get us there.

After wrestling with this I have realized he was a player that had to go. He was limited in ways that just made the team worse overall. He had to have the ball in his hands and would not pass. He continued to drive into the paint even when 3-4 opposing players repeatedly collapsed on him.

His offense was good enough to give him the ball and let him rack up 20 – 5 – 5. But the team lost game after game while he did that. He couldn’t shoot the ball and struggled playing off the ball. In essence, he needed the ball to score and yet would not pass the ball once he had it.

I thought with the right coaching he could figure this out and be that passing combo guard, but there were reports that his BBIQ was not great. That he, and others, had a hard time learning and running play sets.

Overall, you expect players with potential to improve and many seemed to think that his game finally started heading that way, but it was really just him trying to score from the SF/SG instead of at PG. His advanced stats really didn't change much and in fact got worse. His improvement was really just getting back to how good he was as a rookie, so not much improvement...

None of the essential parts of Tyreke’s game drastically improved, but even if it had the new management would have been forced to build an offense around him. Every move they would make would have to be constrained by his shooting and passing limitations.

It seems pretty clear that the new Front Office determined that Tyreke Evans could not be the player that this team needed and would not fit their overall plan. It is a telling point in case that they traded Evans for a pure PG and this is just another little death in the overall dying to come.

And this is just the beginning. The butchers grinder has just started and there is more hamburger to make... It is going to be tough because all we can do is sit and watch as the death of this team continues to unfold. As players that were sold to us as Grade A steak get turned into hamburger and put on the butcher block.

I guess what keeps me going is that you can't have the rebirth and a reincarnation of the Kings into a new team without first killing off the old team. The old team was, maybe, the worst franchise in all of major league sports and it is time to make room for the new Kings. I will just have to hold onto that for now...

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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