Most Popular SB Nation NBA Blogs

(Fan research compiled by Brian Kindsvater. Not an official SBNation tally.)

The Sactown Royalty site has been popular this year, although most of it has not necessarily been hoops related as the tug-of-war between Sacramento and Seattle had a blizzard of breathtaking twists and turns worthy of a best selling novel. But it got me wondering, how popular is Sactown Royalty compared to other pro basketball team blogs under the SBNation umbrella? Every team will have drama, and playoffs generate extra excitement about a team, something which Sacramento has not had lately.

My research was simple. I took the domain for each blog and ran a Google "site" search on the domain to see how many pages were indexed in Google. For example,

Any research or study is easy to nitpick. The number of pages may not reflect quality. There may be odd reasons for extra pages being associated with a team. Blog longevity obviously plays a role. Page count, though is an objective standard and bears some relation to popularity of the blog and fan participation. The results are interesting. A listing of teams followed by their number of pages:

Boston 1,260,000
Portland 19,500
Sacramento 17,200
Brooklyn 15,800
Washington 15,100
Phoenix 12,300
LA Lakers 11,400
Oklahoma City 11,300
Utah 10,800
Golden State 10,500
Dallas 10,100
Philadelphia 9940
Orlando 9630
Indiana 9600
Detroit 9170
New York 9040
LA Clippers 9000
Toronto 8740
Houston 8570
Cleveland 8510
Atlanta 8450
Minnesota 7770
Denver 7590
San Antonio 7340
Charlotte 7060
Chicago 7010
Milwaukee 6780
Miami 6520
New Orleans 4030
Memphis 2770

The first number immediately popping-out is how many more pages the Boston site has compared to everyone else. I'm not sure why. Maybe a spammer blitzed the blog with profile pages. Maybe there has been one hundred times as much to talk about as the typical team.

I was also not expecting to see Miami near the bottom. Perhaps the LeBron James melodrama and repeated championships have been ho-hum when it comes to needing blog posts about the team. After all, the national media is practically a local blog for the Heat.

Population of the home city seems to be irrelevant. The Western Conference also dominates with seven of the ten most popular blogs.

Sacramento? Comes in at third! Way to go Kings fans.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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