NBA positional power rankings: PG

I am starting a series of fanposts in which I will rank the NBA's players at each position. Ranking factors will include stats, metrics, efficiency, and consistency of play. So we start out with the most popular and stacked position in the NBA- the point.

Tier 1: The Elite

1: Chris Paul

2: Derrick Rose

3: Russell Westbrook

4: Tony Parker

No surprises here. Each one of these players is a year in, year out All-Star who contend for MVP's, win games and lead championship-caliber teams.

Tier 2: The Stars

5: Rajon Rondo

6: Stephen Curry

7: Kyrie Irving

8: John Wall

The next best thing. Each of these players is an amazing talent, but they each have a fatal flaw in their game. Be it shooting (Rondo, Wall), passing (Irving), or defense (Curry), they all have something that holds them back from elite status.

Tier 3: The Borderlines

9: Deron Williams

10: Jrue Holiday

11: Ty Lawson

12: Mike Conley

13: Damian Lillard

14: Steve Nash

15: Brandon Jennings

We're starting to see a drop. Some of these players aren't what they once were, some are young players not yet ready for star status. Whatever the case, these players can't quite reach the status of those in higher tiers, despite being very close.

Tier 4: The "pretty good" crowd

16: Ricky Rubio

17: Goran Dragic

18: Kemba Walker

19: Greivis Vasquez

20: Isaiah Thomas

21: Kyle Lowry

Each of these players is quite talented, but none of them are close to being All-Stars, though a few have the potential to be so. Rubio is clearly the most talented of the bunch, but his scoring inconsistency prevents him from reaching greater heights.

Tier 5: The game managers

22a: Raymond Felton

22b: Jeff Teague

23: Jeremy Lin

24: Nate Robinson

25: Jarrett Jack

26: Jose Calderon

27: George HIll

28: Jameer Nelson

Some good, solid players, but no one really special. You won't see any of these guys take over a game and lead the team to victory.

Tier 6: Nothing special

29: Darren Collison

30: Mo Williams

31: Mario Chalmers

None of these players offers a standout skill. Fringe starters.

Tier 7: The back-ups

32: Kirk Hinrich

33: Andre Miller

34: Ramon Sessions

35: Pablo Prigioni

36: Devin Harris

37: Luke Ridnour

38: Beno Udrih:

39: J.J. Barea

40: C.J. Watson

All good players to have coming off your bench. Many of them are good enough to start, but all are best suited to a bench role.

Tier 8: The lower-quality backups

41: D.J. Augustin

42: Sebastian Telfair

43: Jimmer Fredette

44: Eric Maynor

45: Brian Roberts

46: Corey Joseph

The lesser end of bench players. A few draft busts, some undrafted guys. No one who should ever wind up starting for any team.

Tier 9: Benchwarmers

47: A.J. Price

48: Derek Fisher

49: Earl Watson

50: Mike James

51: Jamaal Tinsley

52: Shaun Livingston

If these guys are getting minutes, you need an upgrade, badly. Why Mike James was ever starting is beyond me. And though I don't blame Livingston for his injury, he's just no a good ballplayer anymore.

Final tier: Should we really be in the NBA?

53: Nolan Smith

54: Ronnie Price

55: Charles Jenkins

56: Chris Duhon

The worst of the worst. These guys make their teams 10x worse every time they step on the court.

Other: Guys with potential

pA: Eric Bledsoe

pB: Reggie Jackson

pC: Norris Cole

pD: Patrick Beverly

These guys have star potential, but need some development before they're ready to be fairly placed on the rankings. They are all in environments to achieve that potential; look out for them in coming years.

Other: Guys with less potential

LpA: Marquis Teague

LpB: Tony Wroten

LpC: Kendall Marshall

LpD: Nando de Colo

LpE: Darius Morris

These guys also have upside, but none of them will ever be more than solid backups or fringe starters. And reaching that potential isn't as sure for this group. Still, they can't be ranked fairly until they've had some time to grow.


R1: Michael Carter-Williams

R2: Dennis Shroeder

R3a: C.J. McCollum

R3b: Trey Burke

R4: Shane Larkin

R5: Ray McCallum

R6: Isaiah Canaan

R7: Nate Wolters

R8: Phil Pressey

R9: Peyton Siva

R10: Nemanja Nedovic

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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