Lost, DeMarcus Cousins' extension, and other thoughts

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From the FanPosts. -- TZ

Not three days ago, I embarked on a journey I had long been putting off.

While lamenting the eminent demise of Breaking Bad (which will on Sunday be mourned/celebrated with tears, blue margaritas, and Heisenburg-adorned funfetti cupcakes), I found myself combing the depths of Netflix, Hulu, and HBOgo for my next great series to enjoy marathon obsess over.

As I can see it, this is truly a golden age for television. Maybe more of a renaissance, for the older crowd who remembers a different golden age more relevant to a different time. My opinion on the state of television aside, my point is that I had a lot of options and I haven't watched a great many shows.

Do I start an already finished series and watch it to completion? Pick up something newer and catch up? Say to hell with it and watch Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill for the 70,00th time? The Wire? Boardwalk Empire? The Walking Dead? Orange Is the New Black? The Newsroom? Six Feet Under? House of Cards? American Horror Story?The West Wing? Dexter?

The list goes on. So many options and yet, the choice seemed clear to me:


Like the half-cocked plan I make every year to FINALLY go to Burning Man, I had been teetering on the edge of watching this show for years. My friends, many of whom I consider to have very respectable taste, assured me I would love it. It just always seemed so daunting. More than one hundred 45 minute episodes. So much time eaten up staring at the tube. However, my girlfriend (of course) got me psyched enough to pull the trigger on it.

I'm hooked. I've watched 18 episodes already. I keep finding myself pressing the "next episode" button on Netflix. Can't stop, won't stop.

As with any other time consuming endeavor in life, the themes and concepts of the show have begun to infiltrate other parts of my life. One particular theme that the show explores that has been weighing on my mind is the battle between Science and Faith, and I've been noticing how that specific concept plays out in many arenas (Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid arenas) of life. I don't consider myself an agnostic, but I don't touch Atheism and organized religion is out. Consider it a product of going to K-8 Catholic school in Sacramento. My personal beliefs are an amalgamation of ideas that most closely resemble The Force. All that aside, this Science vs. Faith divide has always been an interesting conversation to me and is getting more and more pertinent everyday as our technological prowess continues to outweigh our capacity for humanity. Merely the fact that it can be such a prickly subject is to me exciting.

Which brings me to our Sacramento Kings:

While reading through the 500 or so comments on the recent post regarding Demarcus Cousins' contract extension, what was delightful and intriguing to me was to discover that this issue is really an issue of Science vs. Faith (or Stats vs. Potential in purely Bball terms)! Of course, just as real arguments about science and faith often get convoluted, angry, and even personal, so did this thread. So much so that our very own site moderators threatened to bring down the (monster truck voice-over) HAMMER BAN HAMMER BAN HAMMER BAN. A veritable biblical flood or nuclear holocaust, depending on which side of the argument appeals to you! It was a beautiful microcosm.

The spectrum of belief about Cousins' new deal is wide and varied, with damnation at one end and elation at the other. Do you believe the statistical evidence is there to condemn this deal? Or is it only enough to advise wariness for the years ahead? Do you believe Cousins' potential makes this deal a slam dunk? Or do his issues on & off the court worry you enough that cautious optimism best describes you? Perhaps you believe this deal is a perfect marriage of what he's shown until this point and what he could show going forward?

Certainly there are also a great number of other, even more specific personal opinions that fill in the rest of the cracks in this debate. However, the frame of the argument is clear to me and the choice is clear to me: Are you a man woman Dennis Rodman Person of Science or of Faith?

I choose Faith.

Faith in this ownership group, faith in this GM's office, faith in this coaching staff, faith that an immature young man can change himself into a true competitor when surrounded by the right role models, and faith that the mad-dog fighting spirit that my home town has shown over the last few years will seep into every facet of this organization and that we will be winners again.

It's not blind faith. We're unprecedented proof that belief and a will to fight can win the day.

I don't condemn skeptics and people on the other side of the fence about this deal because they may be right. This and many other off-season moves this summer may prove to be unfortunate decisions, but in truth only time will tell.

Until then I'll be here, keeping the faith.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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