Predicting the Last 47 Regular Season Games: Playoffs anyone?

Right now, we are on a 3-game win streak, with the last 2 being blowouts against teams that we should be beating. Finally, we are on track. But had we turned the corner already?

We have 47 games left for this regular season and road-heavy at that. The next 6-game road test will probably define what team we would have for the entire season.

Looking beyond, there are some major tests still to follow. 2 more road trips including a 7-game road trip in March. There will be some winnable games, a probability of a longer winning steak at that, and some probable losses also.

You may laugh at me, but I am still hoping that we could have that major push that could somewhat catapult us to a Playoff berth. And I am not talking something like "If we were in the EAST."

I would like to think that we already have the personnel to get us back to relevance. Our problem is just inconsistency specially in Defense. But with the last 2 games, our Defense was better than ever. Although that is a small sample size, we can see how good the Kings can be if they just play a lick of defense.

With that being said, this is how I predict the final 47 games of our regular season.

(Note: I am a Kings fan and an OPTIMISTIC fan at that. Please bear with me)

Click on the Image for the full resolution:




We start turning the corner this January. We will go 3-3 in our 6-game trip and have an improbable 4-game win streak at the end of the month. We still end up with a losing record, but we are making headway here.




Momentum continues in the All-Star month. An 8-game winning streak will suddenly catapult us above .500 in the standings. With that big push, we are suddenly in the talks for a playoff spot. DMC plays his 1st All-Star game. With that experience, he's playing more inspired and motivated basketball. Plus he's happy that the team is starting to win. He begins to post monster stats and seemed to be Shaq-like (During his Prime) plus the Mid-range and Free Throw ability. Man that's scary!




The Month of March will be very challenging, especially with the 7-game road trip. But despite all the challenges, our beloved Kings continue their rise from the Graveyards of the Western Conference, and putting a serious threat to the current 8th seeded team by that time.




Gut-check time in April. The rise continues. Chemistry is at Elite level and DMC is playing like Wilt Chamberlain. Though the latter is improbable, but the former was certain. We will lose to our Division Rivals but we will have big wins specially against teams that are on playoff positioning.

Fortunately, we just have enough gas to crawl ourselves into the playoffs, ending our 7-year misery. This season will go down in History as the Kings came from the Doldrums of the West with a horrid record to having a Winning Record and Making the Playoffs.


Of course, I am not an analyst, nor a psychic. So I think I would be wrong. But as long as the Kings doesn't have 37 losses, I would be hopeful that they would reach 45-37 and the Playoffs at that.

Riggin for Wiggins or Harakiri for Jabari? Nope, not for me. I am already hopeful with Cousins, Thomas and Rudy on board.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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