Gay to the Lakers??

I know Rudy Gay has become one of our Fav. Kings recently. And don't get me wrong, he's a good player. BUT I think we have to look around to see what is going on. Anyone else feel like he's going to bolt in 2 years? Gay has never played for a "big" market team before (Griz, Raps, Kings) and the only little success he's had was when he players around him (not saying DMC/Thomas arnt "players) but I think Gay will opt in for that 19 million a year, then leave for a team with stars already on the team.

AND I think we all know that Rudy tends to shoot the ball 4-7 times a game too much. He doesn't always take the best shots, and doesn't play a "team" game. Even though Rudy is one of the few players we have on this roster that can create for himself, it seems like he really doesn't get going until there are 14 seconds lift on the shot clock. If Rudy was locked up at 10 million a year for the next 3 years, then i wouldn't care, But he's not. He's making almost 20 million dollars, this year and NEXT year. SOOOOO

I look at the team in the city i was born and raised in, (and currently live) and i look around at the fan base and everyone is pissed. They hate Pau, they hate Jim Buss, they hate LeBron but more importantly the LOVE Kobe Bryant. So, what i prepose is a trade. Pau for Gay. Straight up. If any team is more hungry for a star right now it's the Lakers.

It works in the NBA trade Machine perfectly. Now Pau is not one of our needs, in fact he is a softer version of DMC. BUT I believe he hates playing for the Lakers and is unhappy. He wants to leave and join either the Heat, Bulls, or go back to the Grizz with his brother. He's tiered of being L.A's whipping boy. What does that mean for us? We rent Pau for the rest of the year. He's teaches DMC an inside move or two, he even starts over JT.

But what really happens is that that 20 million dollars comes off the books. AND We give DWilliams more time at the 3. That's when he was at his best. Not saying Having DWIll at the 3 is better than having Rudy Gay at the 3. But DWill plays inside the flow of the offense, he runs, he dunks, he plays defense, some players just need to start while others just need to come off the bench. DWill needs to start, it's all in his head.

PLUS would anything be more awesome than watching Kobe/Gay/Swaggy P fight each other to take the worse shot?

Maybe I just don't believe that Gay will stay, which i don't. But i also believe that he doesn't play a team game. To win in this league we need players who play TEAM basketball, right now we have a bunch of players who play 1v1. We loved watching BMac/DWill throw lobs to each other, then we watch as everyone stands around and watch Rudy Gay dribbles for 12 seconds and pull up for a 20 footer.....

Kings: Kings get Pau Gasol who can teach our players as a whole about team work and effort and will raise the overall basketball I.Q of this team PLUS 20 million comes off the books at the end of the year.

Lakers: They get their star to go along next to Kobe, they also get someone exciting to watch until Kobe comes back. (Laker fans eat up dribbling for 14 straight seconds and pulling up to take a horrible shot, even if it goes in only 12% of the time) PLUS they get their wish, they rid themselves of Pau Gasoft. The Laker Brass is happy because they can now say that they got another star next to kobe, Their coach can play him a PF which will work in their system. AND their fans think they have a shot at the playoffs......#Winning (but not really)

At the end of the day, we make cap room for IT, and another player (doesn't have to be an allstar) or hell, make room for Rondo. Rondo/BMac/Dwill/TopHat/DMC + whatever pick, Hard to complain about

But what do I know?

BTW: the only reason why i made this a fan post is because it's a BIG BIG time trade, that is "helping" our most hated rivals (but it's secretly killing them slowly as Gay/Kobe relationship gets them into the 7th seed for 2 straight years)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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