This Week's Asinine Trade Thread. Here comes the Allstar Break/Trade deadline

It's Feb 10th and the All Star week is this weekend! Everyone on this team can be traded now! We know where our holes are plain and simple.The Trade deadline is February 20th

*We know we need to get IT more rest, and Jimmer doesn't seem to be the answer. I was kinda hoping for more McCallum minutes, but that isn't in the cards it looks like.

*Shooting guard ain't so great -Not even gonna go into this mess right here..Remember when SG was the least of our problems?

* For the first time in years our SF position is pretty damn good. I know Gay didnt have a great shooting night, but he just got over the flu..Give him a break.

*PF we need a defensive stopper but at least Jason Thompson is back in his normal midseason form. Landry isnt back to form - And honestly I think he came back way to early- He looks out of sorts, and for some reason seems to be missing his assignments a lot (Got yelled at by Cuz because he was supposed to be guarding weakside post and looked clueless tonight.) Acy has looked good, but he is not a starting PF. He is a great bench guy whom everyone seems to love.

* We know a game like this for DMC is way out of character so i am just gonna leave it at that. We do need something a bit better to spell him besides Aaron Gray, and i really hope we can get Starting PF situation cleared up and move JT to back to DMC, and have Acy backup whomever starts at PF.

Pete D needs HELP! Sooooooooooo...Dazzle us!!!!!!

This is the place for your well thought out trade idea!

This is also the place for all your pipe dreams, or for some wacky ill-advised nonsense just because the numbers match up in that Trade Machine Thingy. Trade for players you love, trade away players you hate. Just trade to make the team better without regard to emotion - or make it all about emotion.

ESPN Trade Machine: Click HERE


(Don't forget to 'save' the trade so you can share it and sum up the trade in text as well for those at office computers) Please USE the Trade Machine, don't throw out some nonsense that wouldn't work Cap-Wise. Thank You

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(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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