Here come the Bobbleheads 3.0

The time has come for Kings bobbleheads to reappear - this time with a little something extra.

For some time now I've been longing for the return of the bobbleheads. But in my wishful thinking I was having difficulty envisioning just how they would appear. Would it be a set from 5 current Kings players? Would it be a set from 5 of the past or present off-court Kings?

And then the Mt. Rushmore conversation started and I got to thinking - Why limit it to 5 of any group? And what if we make it Bigger Than Basketball?

To that end I make the following proposition:

Bring back the bobbleheads - and bring them back with a King-sized NBA 3.0 purpose.

1. Open the embobblement to non-players (e.g, Vivek, KJ, Luckenbill, Sign Lady, Carmichael Dave, Jerry Reynolds) and to past players (e.g., Oscar Robertson).

2. Sell them separately - so people can create their own unique bobblehead collections.

3. Keep them affordable ($10?) and have all proceeds or profits go to charities in and around the Sacramento area. (Kings fans come from all over - so don't limit charities to Sacramento only.)

4. Have the charities associated with each head be unique and relevant to the person embobbled.

For example:

KJ is a champion of literacy - all profits go to local Sacramento literacy charity or organization. (He is the Sacramento mayor, so it makes sense to keep the charity a Sacramento charity.)

Mark Mastrov is a champion of fitness and exercise - all profits go to area charities that are engaged in getting kids exercising and improving their fitness.

Sign Lady is a teacher - donations toward education. Or as a Fan Hall of Fame inductee, maybe donations to tickets for underprivileged kids to come to games.

Tom Ziller - donations to local animal shelters (in honor of his cat, who I have never met but have heard wonderful things about).

Carmichael Dave offers wondrous possibilities. He's always joking about women making him sandwiches - donations to food banks? He's repeated he's not a fan of WNBA - donations to youth girls' basketball? He's a big fan of My Little Pony - donations to Toys for Tots? (Also, CD's bobblehead needs to be holding a ladder - just because.)

Of course each person would have to agree to be embobbled (enheaded?) and would select their own focus/charity. And a little information about the person and their charity would come with the bobblehead purchased.

I know there are some bobbleheads I would buy just because I would want them - Vivek, KJ, Petey, Coach, Sign Lady, Slamson - no matter which charity was attached. Others I would purchase to support the charity specifically - such as Dale Carlsen and his support for foster kids.

Other considerations:

  • The bobbleheads would best be introduced over time instead of all at once (increasing anticipation for the next new thing).
  • Some could be introduced in groups - for example, the HereWeStay set: Vivek, KJ, Mastrov, Carmichael Dave, and... Sactown Royalty? Crown Downtown? (Who am I missing?)

I'm sure there are other candidates for embobblement out there and I hope you share your ideas. In the meantime, I'm going to clear some space on my Kings Table of Fan Stuff and hope for some new bobbleheads coming soon to a Team Store near you.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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