In Defense to the Draft -Thoughts from a Fan whose Team is bad more often then not

I have followed the Kings for a long time and with that comes a pain that is all to familiar with every person that cheers for them, consistent and unwavering failure. But with the lack of real historic success and the constant realization that my team is frankly not remotely good I’ve turned into a fan that points to the future as a cure more so then what is actually presented to me in their ad hoc fate. I assume I’m better off cheering for something that is utterly contingent then cheering for a product that I know never really gets much better then what they continually show.

For the larger perception I don't think I am the only one who finds that a more enjoying experience then blinding myself with optimism for an already formed bad product, yet from the blogosphere all the way to the league office the idea of nipping out the incentive to loose for prospects seems to be one of major concern as of late. From the actions based off the last couple of years of the Blazers trading off a proven Gerald Wallace, to the Magic trading for picks oppose to Brooke Lopez, to the Sixers wholeheartedly committing to the slashing of a Philadelphia basketball present, the league is aware of the logical incentive these teams have for tanking but seem currently at a cross roads of trying to figure out a way to change that incentive while still aiding the teams who need aid.

I remember the almost two month commitment TrueHoop made to the issue. I know of the Zach Lowe articles this year that have addressed the issue. I’ve heard (in podcast form) and read basically every significant NBA writer and their mother propose the way to solve the problem but I've heard very little from the fans of these teams who are consistently at the top of the draft board every year for the majority of there existence as a franchises. The ones that the leagues possible changes would affect most directly.

It would be foolish of me to think I could speak on behalf of all of those teams allegiant followers but as one member of the larger collective that knows the draft all to well I would like to voice my position as it seems that this issue simply pertains to the teams that are consistently bad more so then anyone else (including the league officials and writers mentioned). And to those adversaries I raise this question is the reasons for changing the system to uphold a principle, that is questionably embarrassing for the league? Does the obsession with the subject come from the idea the league would be more profitable with a more even cohesion as a brand then a dichotomy, the wheel ideas mantra? Or ultimately is this an issue for the teams sake that’s buoyancy relies on a goal that they consistently cant capitalize on.

On the leagues behalf I see the reason to raise concern. From PTI to local sports radio the subject seems to be one that has been overtly tantalizing this year, almost more so then the season itself. But I think that excitement comes more on the questions if the strategy of tanking will work out more so then judging if such a framework is ethical. On the argument that the current establishment creates to much of an extraneous relationship between good and bad teams I simply raise the question isnt such a fact inevitable in a sport dominated by headliners oppose to role players? And if this wasn’t the case wouldn’t the playoffs potentially suffer as champions might be crowned based more so off of chance then skill? And on a business front isn’t the chance of superstar excellence potentially playing in the smaller markets the only chance for the smaller markets attracting a larger recognition?

Regardless the answers to those questions, I want them to know that selling myself on a possible optimistic future, that maybe could be something special has been more fun then ignorantly cheering for a team that is predestined to never make it over the hump. For the truth of that reality has made me study for improvements, which has been process that has been more enjoying then knowing my team is skilled but not skilled enough. I haven't minded living in a fantasy in relation to my team in fact its been fun. It has been utterly compelling to see Cousins slowly but surely piece together something that at one point was doubted by so many contrarians. Its been fun to raise questions if Mclemore is simply having trouble because of the Kings offensive system, or simply his talent not being what it once was perceived to be. It’s been fun to see Mcallum piece together something when the expectations were so low. It’s been that story and so much more in relation to Isaiah.

I hope they know that my parents and I, who are season ticket holders enjoy youth trying to understand their capabilities. That me showing them Wiggins and Embiid highlights halfway through the game, (for our beloved Kings are down thirty) has them smile and ask "wait we could maybe get this guy".

This league is and always will be determined by stars and by supernatural moments that aren't logical but are determined by utter chance with those superstars. The league shouldn't be ignorant enough to think that that isn't the case or to diminish having a draft system be determined in such a similar way. Yes the whole realization of preying for chance is ridiculously pathetic but so is preying for a made jump shot or crying because a team missed it. And those sport moments, especially in basketball are the most majestic when transcendent players are determining their fate a fact that is all to known to ever be changed with assumed balance of powers.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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