Kings v Dubs: the Onslaught

I scored some amazing seats for the Kings-Warriors game and knew this would be a memorable night. That game sure was memorable but mainly because I got free beers with those seats. At the request of Resident Bombast here a some pictures from my awesome seats of that depressing night. (Apologies for the unfocused shots, I took Analysis of the Russian Revolution 102 instead of Photography in college)

Tip Off:

 photo IMG_20140404_194102_zps0aad8809.jpg

This was the beginning of the end

Free Throws - the few chances I got see the Kings score in the 1st quarter

 photo IMG_20140404_213502_zps514534d3.jpg

Off screen Isaiah was yelling at Curry "Curry YOU'RE NOT A POINT GUARD". He did this every time the Curry had the ball in the 1st quarter

 photo IMG_20140404_195031_zps98e067b9.jpg

1st quarter bench. Cousins just got his 2nd foul

 photo IMG_20140404_213749_zpsc36b21e9.jpg

Ray Mac

 photo IMG_20140404_211157_zpseb116114.jpg

So during one of the early time outs I got Aaron Gray's attention and asked him if he was going to play today. He shrugged as if he know he wasn't going to. Also, he acknowledged a Pitt alum in the crowd which was pretty cool considering when I tried that previously during a Warriors-Blazers game and Earl Watson gave me the stink eye (UCLA, whaddup???)

 photo IMG_20140404_213427_zps3bc29317.jpg

Quincy Acy's Beard

 photo IMG_20140404_195055_zps5e62068e.jpg

This isn't a good picture but directly on the other end sat Vivek Ranadive with Chris Mullen to his left

 photo IMG_20140404_211749_zpsa89f90d5.jpg

Aaron & Isaiah

 photo IMG_20140404_211846_zpsfa1a32fe.jpg

 photo IMG_20140404_200807_zps05c57870.jpg

The conversation I imagined in my head :"Yo you going to Fleur de Lys afterwards, Isaiah? Heard Hubert Keller is gonna spin after dinner "

Other observations:

I wondered why Gay was so hesitant this game. Later, I found out in the gamethread that his wife was in labor.

Don't know whether the TV cameras caught this but after Cousins got his third foul, out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple cups of water fly up in the air from the Kings bench. With the way the night was going and those two earlier fouls I could see why he was frustrated

Speaking of Cousins' third foul, I ran into Jerry Reynolds during halftime and he explained to me that although Speights was underneath the restricted area; the foul was called because Cousins' shoulder was lowered --- IN THE RESTROOM. Jerry is one cool cat.

Before I left during the 5 min mark of the 4th quarter, I asked Isaiah when he'll be back and he responded that he didn't know. And as we know now, he came back a week later against the Wolves. Overall, if I ever achieve my dream of being an NBA bench warmer (if you believe it, you can achieve it!) I'd want to sit next to Isaiah - he'll keep you engaged and looks like a great teammate.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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