A Thank You Letter from a Longtime Lurker

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(From the FanPosts. I encourage all the rest of you lurkers to come here and comment more often! Our commenters are our community and our community is what makes us great - Aykis)

I’ve been a daily visitor to StR for years, but never felt like I had anything to add that wasn’t already being covered by the great members of this community. But I’ve reached the point where I have to express my appreciation for what you all do.

First, a background: I grew up in Woodland in the late 80s/early 90s. My earliest Kings memory is when Wayman Tisdale did a promotional visit at our Jack in the Box (or maybe it was Wendy’s) and I was lucky enough to get his autograph on my Kings pennant. That pennant still hangs in my old room at my parent’s house.

As far back as I can remember our family had a weekend package of games. In 1997, we upgraded to season tickets. Obviously the timing couldn’t have been better and I got to go to scores of games during our glory years. My favorite Kings memory was being at Game 5 of the 2002 Conference Finals when Bibby hit the game winning shot. F*** the [redacted].

After graduating high school in 2002, I moved to the Bay Area and had to suffer through 9 years of Warriors fans and zero Kings coverage. I might as well have been on the other side of the country.

I only had national coverage, until I stumbled upon (pre-SBN) Sactown Royalty. I still don’t remember how I found it. I think it was a simple Google search for "Sacramento Kings blog." However it may have happened, I knew I was home.

While I didn’t always agree with the posts (sorry, TZ, if you even see this since you’re such a bigwig these days), or the comments, everyone’s shared passion was obvious. You all loved the Kings as much as I did. I came back every day. I soaked up the knowledge, the joy, and the rage. I shared every moment of it with you.

Then the relocation sagas began. I had moved halfway across the country and no one around me cared. But you all were still there—expressing the anger and angst I felt from 1500 miles away. I needed you, every day. Of course I knew, in that stupid rational part of my brain, that other people felt like I did. But I couldn’t see it around me. So I read every post and every comment, just to reinforce the idea that I wasn’t alone.

A year ago, things were…bleak doesn’t do it justice. The world was ending; the Kings were moving. You all know the emotional hell it caused. I was there too, emotionally if not physically. The work done by StR members was amazing to see. The folks at the meetings in New York, the amazing work of Here We Stay, the rallies, the city council meetings, the list goes on. It gave me hope when I could only see despair, faith when there was doubt.

You know the rest of the story from there. We won. We stayed.

So I write this (too) long, rambling post to say thank you. Thank you for making me feel like part of a community when I didn’t have a community around me. Thank you for giving me hope when I had none. Thank you for the dancing GIFs, the Magoof jokes, the Simpsons references (section shoutout!), the good, the bad, and the ugly (Aykis shoutout!).

This is a special community. And it means a lot to more people than you would guess, because I know there a plenty more people like me who lurk for years without saying a word. So, I say again, thank you. Go Sacramento Kings.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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