Nobody really knows who the Kings will draft at #8 in the first Post-Lottery Mock Draft Roundup

Jamie Squire

Now that the lottery is done and over with, and everyone not in the state of Ohio is left shaking their head in disbelief, we can finally focus on the #8 pick and the players that might be available there.  Let's take a look at what some sites have the Kings doing at #8 after the lottery:

Chad Ford's Mock Draft 6.0 (Insider): Marcus Smart

The Kings are obsessed with analytics, and by just about every metric out there, Smart is one of the top three players in this draft. Smart fits a need on multiple levels for the Kings. Isaiah Thomas was good for the Kings this season, but ultimately they think he's a backup. Smart's size and basketball IQ are major upgrades at the position. But it's Smart's toughness, leadership, competitiveness and a desire to win at any cost that could transform the culture in Sacramento.

DraftExpress: Doug McDermott

While this might feel somewhat high for McDermott, the skill-set he brings is highly in demand these days, and it's difficult to find someone who fits so seamlessly with what a team Is looking to add to their roster. Sacramento shot 33% from 3 last season, ranking 27th in the NBA. McDermott can help with that right away and help spread the floor for Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins.

SBNation: Julius Randle

The Kings have one of the best centers in the league in DeMarcus Cousins, but they've never found a player to fit next to him. Randle might not be able to cover up Cousins defensively, but good luck finding a more physical front line.

Randle was a double-double machine at Kentucky and has flashed ball-handling skills that will help him out in a pro game with better spacing. No team will want to go up against Boogie and Randle, which is reason enough for Sacramento to end his slide in the draft at No. 8. Marcus Smart

Smart will be a physical force, has a chance to be very good defensively and has a great attitude, but the team that takes him will have to see a true point guard through an assist-to-turnover ratio of 4.8-2.6 on a college squad with other NBA prospects. Some front offices do see it.

CBSSports (MooreParrishHarper): Aaron Gordon / Aaron Gordon / Marcus Smart

Moore: The hyper-athletic answer to Cousins' raw power. Also a possible Rudy Gay replacement.

Parrish: Gordon is a unique athlete who averaged 12.4 points and eight rebounds in one year of college, and he grabbed a career-high 18 rebounds in the Wildcats' loss to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight. He'll likely be capable of playing either forward position in the NBA.

Harper: The Kings probably aren't keeping this pick, but if they don't find a deal that works for them in acquiring a veteran, and they're truly worried about the restricted free agency market for Isaiah Thomas, Smart would be a good insurance policy. He can score, he can run the point some, and a backcourt of Smart and Ben McLemore could be explosive.

Yahoo! Sports: Tyler Ennis

Fr. Scout's take: "Knows how to run a team. Made big plays in big moments last season. A pass-first point guard who thinks like a coach."

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