Isaiah Thomas is our best option! (and other thoughts)



I've been reading a lot of fanposts, and other opinions from around the internet. I think that the widely vocalized view that we should not resign Isaiah Thomas is nothing short (NPI) of being ridiculous. I know that others have said this too, but I've never posted before and this has been eating at me. There is no point guard in the draft capable of putting up 20 points and 7 assists next year (if ever, though I believe in Exum), and I have yet to discover one available through free agency.

The idea that we'd trade for Rondo is ludicrous, You're getting someone with significant injury history who is four years older than Isaiah, and we'd have to part with SERIOUS assets to acquire him, possibly to the tune of Ben McLemore, Isaiah, and our 1st round pick (if not even more than that from how the Celtics have been regarding their star PG). Not only this, but we would instantly lose a lethal scorer in Isaiah who has the ability to shoot 40 percent from beyond the arc (he showed this before his wrist injury), and is also one of the best finishers around the rim (I heard something like 67 percent from that range). Toss in a 47 percent mid-range jumper, and you have an offensive dream, right? Maybe he should distribute a bit better, yes, but who on the Kings is a deadlier scorer than Isaiah? Rudy Gay and Demarcus Cousins are the only two players that can be argued for this title. Ben McLemore makes one more three per game and we snag a capable PF, suddenly we're looking at 9 assists per game on Isaiah's stat sheet.

It also seems that people are disregarding "intangibles" when regarding our tiny PG. "Intangibles" is an abstract descriptor at best, but the "eye test" (also abstract) shows #22 as a convincing vocal leader as well as having a great relationship with our star player, Cousins. This is not to be diminished. Doesn't Sacramento want a comfortable, happy Demarcus?

A common criticism of Isaiah is that he is a liability on defense, though the numbers seem to suggest otherwise. On a solid defensive team, I think that Isaiah would be perfectly fine; the effort is there, and he is decent in the passing lanes (he's also very strong for his size). The entire team needs to improve defensively, and here I think team defense becomes more important than having a stout defender at the 1. Also, who would you bring in that improves the team in that area? If someone has an idea, PLEASE make it known. Also, does Tony Parker seem like an elite defender to anybody? How are them Spurs doing?

This is my first post, so I know it's rough. But I had to get this off my chest. Feel free to correct me in any way!

P.S. I'd take Demarcus over Kevin Love any day of the week. Uh oh! And does Derrick Williams remind anyone else of Gerald Wallace?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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