"Moving forward without Rudy"

PR is perception as we all know..The actual state of health of any particular corporation can't be accurately assessed in a single reporting of a rumor , But at the same time making splashes should not be underestimated, as multiple splashes are perceived as a wave. Stagnant teams have very little to say , while active, evolving teams are fluid and vocal. And in this respect I , as a Kings fan couldn't be more proud. We actually have owners swinging for the fences.

There is {deservedly} fan interest in the rumor of acquiring what some would consider the opposite of Cousins request of a" big defensive shot blocker" and rather a big with all star offensive skills . This is an experiment with high risk/high reward as possibilities abound if you consider who might be available near trade deadline 2015, should either party not be happy. Love could escape his non post season reality for the possibility of an incredible opportunity, that may come to fruition in Sacramento , and if not most likely would be traded on to a team that might suit him better. So , no harm no foul right? Unless he and his agent feel his stock falls between now and then or other unknowns pop up.

The CWebb trade similarities are stark to some and not so much to others , but the fact that they are being discussed is incredible considering that a little over a year ago Kings fans were hoping to have any pro team at all , let alone arguing the similarities between this rumor today, and probably the most defining trade of the Sacramento Kings era.

And really , to me that's the most striking contrast between current management and their predecessors during the decline, The desire and wherewithal is present to actually bring about change.

Lets be honest here; The likelihood of actually securing Kevin Love with what for all intents and purposes is the 1st offer of what could be several teams offers for the TWolves expiring all-star should be less than euphoric for Kings fans. Yet , we dissect.

And we should. The sheer volume of angles to measure this proposal could give a geomotrist fits. Who does/doesn't suffer serious injury? Who can/can't gel with others? How do we get salary to fit? No assurances of a re-signing? In the end its just a big crap shoot isn't it? Thank Vivek and the boys that CASH isn't the first consideration anymore. Which brings us to another item;A point of contention seems to be that Kings owners have deep pockets therefore have no inhibitions about blowing past the Cap and tax be damned. To this I can only add,

Millionaires/Billionaires don't get there by paying Far more than they should for anything. Yes, a little more, depending on the economic environment you buy in to - if- it can be justified in the return, but way more is just foolish and we all know what happens to a fool and his money (or 3 fools and their Dads money)

If Rudy's agent can find another team that can better utilize his talents, and pay to his satisfaction then I say , more power to him, good luck and thank you for your efforts.

But , without intimate knowledge of the players involved in such an offer it is impossible to evaluate whether this works from any frame of reference. And even then, players are involved that we cant possibly foresee their ultimate contributions to this team.

{If Rudy is opting out} , There are many many players that could fit worse than a lineup of IT, JT the Jet, DWill, KLove,and DMC. (~53 M)

While visions of a starting line of IT, The Jet, RG8, KLove and DMC are wonderful to dream of, They're not very realistic.( ~60-65M depending on IT signing and Rudy restructuring at best).

Chasing Love , to me, is more likely an exercise in Kings PR and less likely a reality than most would like to admit. And for the record I am incredibly happy that the Kings have owners that can/will actually play the game and would be ecstatic if Vivek and co said , "To hell with it, lets go for it now, pay the man".

I'm just not holding my breath

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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