The case for Taj Gibson

So I proposed something on twitter today and got some interesting feedback

What led me to this question? I was sitting here thinking about what I have read of hundreds of threads here on STR over last couple years..

#1: Shot Blocking

#2: Ability to set/Defend a pick

#3: Defense

#4: Post presence

#5: Low Usage

Well I will have to say looking at Taj he fits this mold completely. While he is not a high end scorer he does everything we really need next to Cuz. He is what we wish JT could have become. He would instantly become the best defender on this team…..yes better than Cuz as it sits now. While Taj doesn’t put up gaudy #’s, he is to Chicago as a sixth man what Bobby Jackson was to the Kings. The ultimate 6th man. He is a stalwart defender, great midrange shooter, very team orientated, challenges shots, runs floor hard, sets great screens and is a bull nosed defender in the post. He’s also a very good offensive rebounder from both sides. Gibson is able to switch and defend point guards and wings while remaining an elite rim protector.

Gibson posted a defensive rating of 96 and 98 in 2010-11 and 2011-12, respectively. Last season, Gibson allowed a field-goal percentage of 32.8, per Synergy. In post defense he allowed opponents to make just 35.3 percent of their shots. Only four players (Hibbert, Ibaka, Lopez and Splitter) give up a lower field-goal percentage at the rim. 25.2 percent of Gibson’s defensive plays are guarding in isolation, which means he’s stepping out to the perimeter much of the time.

Taj is hidden defensively behind Joakim Noah, who is just a monster defensively, and Taj’s talents do not shine through as much as they should. With Noah and Boozer on floor, they gave up 5 more points during the time then Noah and Taj.

Now lets look at the issues and downside. He is due to make 25 million over next 3 years. He is averaging 8.5 million a year, which seems like a lot, but Taj brings a lot of aspects to the table.

He will be 29 at the beginning of next season, which some people say is beyond prime, bit I disagree. If you are this front office who just handed Landry a 4 year contract at 29/30 years old, then I don’t think this is a factor

Whether or not Chicago is willing to give him up is another issue. There has been talks of Chicago amnestying Boozer in order to keep their cap in check as they only have 8 guys under contract next year (not including QO for Murphy) for 63.8 million, (16 million of which is Boozer). If amnestying Boozer, they might not be ready to give up on Taj. But the bigger issue is that Chicago has Nikola Mirotic sitting overseas- He makes more than NBA MLE already, so they will need to open up some room, and from all accounts they want to do that this summer.

While Taj is not anywhere near the top offensive big men, he will only net you about 10-12 pts a night mostly on midrange and tip-ins. He is a guy who thrives because of his Athleticism. He is basically JT and D-will merged together but more polished defensively and more consistent. His hustle is NOT FAKE!

All in all he will not spread the floor per say, but he would do something much more important and that is guard the rim and guard the 3 pt line well. We is a great team defender, and has the quickness and athleticism to do what you need.

Going back to my question: Would you trade Dwill or Landry and our lotto pick this year (at pick #7) for Taj Gibson, Chicago's later 1st rdr (around 19) and relief of our owed pick?

I would have to say definitely yes.. Not only does it bring you a starting defensive power forward for only slightly more then what you are giving up, it brings you rim protection, versatility for the future in gaining our draft pick back, and you are doing this by trading down 12 spots (if draft picks hold true) and removing another contract which would be unnecessary (ideally I say Landry)

What would our Salaries look like with this trade you ask? This brings up the biggest issue

If we traded Landry for Taj, before we resign IT, we are sitting at 70.2 million

From what reports are saying the Cap will be 63.2 and Tax will be 77 million

We would be right below tax if we

Kept Acy on at 916k,

Sign 19th pick (1.5million)

Sign IT to a 4 year 27 million dollar contract (1st year 6.25 million)

Kept Rudy at his current rate (Not ideal- Ideal would be opt out and sign 4 year deal for lower money)

Here is what roster would look like

IT > McCallum

Ben Mc > Jason Terry

Gay > Dwill > Outlaw

Taj > Reggie > Acy

Cuz > JT

19th pick?

If you are putting Dwill instead of Landry for the trade, you need to make sure to come up with an extra 170K

IT > McCallum

Ben Mc > Jason Terry

Gay > Outlaw > Acy

Taj > Landry > Reggie

Cuz > JT

19th pick?

So what do you guys think?

BTW thanks to Gwiss for Talking me into submitting this as a fanpost

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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