Mock Draft - Picks 1-8

1. Cleveland: Joel Embiid - Best player and fits a need, I think he passes his physical and provides Cleveland with a kyrie/Embiid future (keeping Kyrie in Cleveland).

2. Milwaukee: Andrew Wiggins - Milwaukee is ecstatic they're not moving the Bucks to Seattle and get the most exciting prospect in the draft. He'll come in and contribute immediately and will put Milwaukee on the sportscenter map. Watch out NY and boston!

3. Philly: Jabari Parker - Last but not least of the top 3. Parker and MCW will make for a nice tandem as Philly's future is looking bright with these two.

4. Orlando: Marcus Smart - As much as I want to see him put on a Kings hat, I just can't see the magic passing on an absolute bully of a PG. Nelson is nearing the end of the road and Oladipo is not a PG. Can't see them taking an unknown Exum when Smart can help them make the playoffs now.

5. Utah: Aaron Gordon - They just drafted Burke last year so I doubt Exum is the pick. Can't see either of Randle or Vonleh going here since they already have Favors and Kanter. Hayward is here but adding an elite defender like Gordon can create a ton of rotational depth and flexibility. A lot of combos to play with here and he becomes their AK47 2.0, and a beastly one at that.

6. Boston: Noah Vonleh - I bet they trade this pick but since this is a mock, my guess is Vonleh. They are certainly rebuilding and adding a raw prospect like Vonleh makes a ton of sense here.

7. Lakers: Julius Randle - One constant the Lakers have shown is a propensity for big men with low post scoring ability. They have a strong track record in this regard. Even if Marcus Smart were available, I still think they'd take Randle over him in order to better fit with Kobe. Make no mistake, as long as Kobe is still playing, the Lakers will not bring in someone that can potentially take the ball away from Kobe.

8. Sacramento - Dante Exum: A bit underwhelming since most got their hopes up on Smart, Gordon, or Vonleh. Exum falls here because of the relative unknown of how his game will translate. Also see the teams ahead of us opting for the other stud prospects that they feel they can better guess their future. Exum provides a lengthy PG for Sacramento which will appease IT detractors. While I'm a huge IT fan, my guess in regards to him is that he gets signed and traded much to our dismay. (See next paragraph)

*IT gets signed and traded to Chicago for one of their first round picks. Kings will then draft Rodney Hood. 6-9 with a smooth jumper.

This is how I think it will to but not the way I want. I really hope a team selects Exum and Randle somewhere 1-7 so we will have one of Smart, Gordon, or Vonleh. Preferably Smart or Gordon because either one of those guys will surely add to our win total. Also think as disappointing it would be for me to see IT go, there are going to be tough decisions made and ultimately IT is next up.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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