Asinine Trade Thread! Woohoo!

I love these things, I think they are a blast. Think up the wildest and craziest trades you can makes, and then use the NBA Trade Machine to see if they can work. Have fun!

The one that I thought of is between the Kings, Magic, and 76'ers.

Kings give: Rudy Gay, Jason Thompson, Derrick Williams, and 8th pick.

Kings receive: Thaddeus Young, Aaron Afflalo, and the 4th pick

Magic give: Aaron Afflalo, 4th pick, 12th pick

Magic receive: Jason Thompson, Jason Richardson, 3rd pick, and 10th pick

76ers give: Thaddeus Young, Jason Richarson, 3rd pick, 10th pick

76'ers receive: Rudy Gay, Derrick Williams, 8th pick, 12th pick

Why the Kings do it: If Rudy Gay opts in to his 19.3 mil contract, that would make it neigh on impossible to re-sign IT, and then there is the chance that he would bolt after that year anyways. Trading him now gives us some cap space (even with bringing in Young and Afflalo) especially considering we are trading Thompson and Williams. Young gives us an athletic PF who, while not the ideal compliment to Cousins, has the versatility to also play some SF. He racks up tons of steals (2.1 last season, 3rd in the NBA). His efficiency went down last year, but that was because he was a #1 option; on the Kings, he would likely be 3rd. In previous years, he was a much more efficient player. Afflalo would be a HUUUUGE defensive upgrade at the SG position, and would allow Ben McLemore more time do develop. With the 4th pick I would draft Dante Exum (or one of the "Top 3" should one fall). He has tons of potential, and he would be insurance if we are unable to resign IT. I also think that IT and Exum would play well off of each other, being that they are both more than capable distributors (not fantastic, but solid). In free agency I would go after Trevor Ariza to be a 3 and D type SF.

New Line-up:

PG: IT, RMC, Exum

SG: Afflalo, BMC

SF: Ariza, Troutlaw, Acy

PF: Young, Landry, Evans

C: Cousins, Gray

To me, that is instantly a significantly better defensive starting 5, and an instantly better bench. This is a team I could see competing for a playoff spot. Trade Machine

Why the 76'ers do it: They would acquire a prove NBA scorer who would instantly be the best player on their team, by far, and would also get a player who is still very young and could develop into a nice player. Rudy Gay is already established and has significantly lower risk than any player they could draft. With the 8th and 12th picks they could have the versatility to still move around the draft, or take a couple nice young players. Also, Thad Young seems to be disgruntled in Philly and will be supposedly asking for a trade.

Why the Magic do it: Move up in the draft and have a shot at taking one of the "Top 3" players. They are in need of a PG, whom they could take with the 10th pick (perhaps Ennis, Peyton (although that may be a reach) or Smart (I sac one mock draft where he slides out of the top 10)). JT would help shore up a lacking front court, other than Vucevic.

Well that's my painfully long trade idea. Post responses to mine, and your own trade ideas below. Go Kings!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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