A Wish list and a rant.

1. Resigh Isaiah Thomas because he is worth more to this team than he would be anywhere else.

2. Sign a pass-first veteran back up point guard. I thought Greivis Vasquez was a perfect fit for the Kings, just had no idea why he was starting. Shaun Livingston would also work brilliantly and probably much better than Vasquez in that position.

3. Trade for Ryan Anderson. There is no chance the Pelicans want to pay him 8.5 million a year to back up Anthony Davis. or at least call Channing Fry to see what he's up to.

4. Trade JT, Terry, and Outlaw for ANYTHING.

5. Sign Thabo Sefolosha. DEFENSE clap clap DEFENSE clap clap. Him playing 20 minutes of D in our backcourt would be more valuable than anyone could imagine. Coach Malone needs a player like him, especially until Stauskas or McLemore emerges as a consistent threat and defender.

6. Find anyone who can play center and block a shot. Aaron Gray didn't irritate me or anything but come on.

1. Isaiah Thomas, Shaun Livington and Ray McCallum

2. Thabo Sefolosha, Nik Stauskus and Ben McLemore

3. Rudy Gay and Derrick Williams

4. Ryan Anderson, Carl Landry and Reggie Evans

5. Demarcus Cousins and find any rim protector with a pulse. Where is Yogi Stewart when you need him? I wouldn't mind JT as a backup center finally, but either he, Landry or Williams has to go to New Orleans to get Anderson in this fantasy.

I am not asking for a bunch of trades from the high heavens. All I need from my beloved Kings is to capitalize on the roster issue the New Orleans Pelicans have built with all the guys they have that play the same positions and who occupy all of their salary cap. Sefolosha and Livingston can both be had for pesos on the dollar, but will help our team tremendously.

That draft could not have gone any worse in the first 7 picks for the Kings. There was only one guy I did not want to fall to the Kings. That man was Noah Vonleh. He just smells like a huge huge bust to me. Under no circumstance did I want him to fall to us and when Julius Randle got picked by the Lakers I just thought "THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!" Nik Stauskus is by no means a sexy pick, but he is a confident player, knockdown shooter with an underrated all-around game. I don't like playing the race card, but if he didn't have the same skin tone as Adam Morrison or Jimmer Fredette people would be loving this pick. He can finish above the rim and has confidence pouring out of his ears.

There are always undrafted free agents that you look at and think "they could work" but it just doesn't. There are some that find the right place and it works for them. The Kings should kick the tires on Jordan Bachynski. He is a center from Arizona State that averaged 3.4 and 4.0 blocks per game the past 2 years at ASU. You can't tell me that he wouldn't be the best rim protector on the Kings today, regardless of how bad he could be in every other area. James Michael McAdoo was a huge bust at North Carolino, but so was Josh McRoberts at Duke. He is worth a look. Kendall Williams is a 6'4 point guard who is a pass first floor leader with great quickness for his size. Taylor Braun from North Dakota state is a small forward with unlimited range that can finish at the rim.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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