10 Years of Draft History

Here at STR we love to debate the draft. As an oft cellar dweller team our "playoffs" has been the NBA draft for the past eight years or so. The NBA draft is an absolute crapshoot for many reasons. We never really know who will be a bust and who will be an All-Star. I decided to take the last 10 years worth of data to see what we could possibly get at the number eight pick. I also have included some other picks to see what we are looking at in reference to trading up and trading down. Let's begin!

2005 Draft: 1. Andrew Bogut (Bucks) 2. Marvin Williams (Hawks) 3. Deron Williams (Jazz) 4. Chris Paul (Hornets) 5. Raymond Felton (Bobcats) 6. Martell Webster (Blazers) 7. Charlie Villanueva (Raptors) 8. Channing Frye (Knicks) 9. Ike Diogu (Warriors) 10. Andrew Bynum (Lakers) 11. Fran Vasquez (Magic) 12. Yaroslav Korolev (Clippers) 13. Sean May (Bobcats) 14. Rashad McCants (Wolves) 15. Antoine Wright (Nets)

Most Successful: Chris Paul (4)

All Stars: Deron Williams (3), Chris Paul (4), Andrew Bynum (10)

Biggest Busts: Ike Diogu (9), Fran Vasquez (11), Yaroslav Korolev (12), Sean May (13)

Best Player outside of top 5: Andrew Bynum (10)

2006 Draft: 1. Andrea Bargnani (Raptors) 2. LaMarcus Aldridge (Bulls) 3. Adam Morrison (Bobcats) 4. Tyrus Thomas (Blazers) 5. Shelden Williams (Hawks) 6. Brandon Roy (Wolves) 7. Randy Foye (Celtics) 8. Rudy Gay (Rockets) 9. Patrick O'Bryant (Warriors) 10. Mouhamed Sene (Sonics haha) 11. J.J. Redick (Magic) 12. Hilton Armstrong (Hornets) 13. Thabo Sefolosha (76ers) 14. Ronnie Brewer (Jazz) 15. Cedric Simmons (Hornets)

Most Successful: LaMarcus Aldridge (2)

All Stars: LaMarcus Aldridge (2), Brandon Roy (6)

Biggest Busts: Andrea Bargnani (1), Adam Morrison (3), Tyrus Thomas (4), Shelden Williams (5)

Best Player outside of top 5: Rudy Gay (8)

2007 Draft: 1. Greg Oden (Blazers) 2. Kevin Durant (Sonics) 3. Al Horford (Hawks) 4. Mike Conley Jr. (Grizzlies) 5. Jeff Green (Celtics) 6. Yi Jianlian (Bucks) 7. Corey Brewer (Wolves) 8. Brandan Wright (Bobcats) 9. Joakim Noah (Bulls) 10. Spencer Hawes (Kings) 11. Acie Law (Hawks) 12. Thad Young (76ers) 13. Julian Wright (Hornets) 14. Al Thornton (Clippers) 15. Rodney Stuckey (Pistons)

Most Successful: Kevin Durant (2)

All Stars: Kevin Durant (2), Al Horford (3), Joakim Noah (9)

Best Player Outside of top 5: Joakim Noah (9)

Biggest Busts: Greg Oden (1)

2008 Draft: 1. Derrick Rose (Bulls) 2. Michael Beasley (Heat) 3. O.J. Mayo (Wolves) 4. Russell Westbrook (Sonics) 5. Kevin Love (Grizzlies) 6. Danilo Gallinari (Knicks) 7. Eric Gordon (Clippers) 8. Joe Alexander (Bucks) 9. D.J. Augustin (Texas) 10. Brook Lopez (Nets) 11. Jerryd Bayless (Arizona) 12. Jason Thompson (Kings) 13. Brandon Rush (Blazers 14. Anthony Randolph (Warriors) 15. Robin Lopez (Suns)

Most Successful: Derrick Rose (1)

All Stars: Derrick Rose (1), Russell Westbrook (4), Kevin Love (5), Brook Lopez (10)

Best Player Outside of top 5: Brook Lopez (10)

Biggest Busts: Michael Beasley (2), Joe Alexander (8)

2009 Draft: 1. Blake Griffin (Clippers) 2. Hasheem Thabeet (Grizzlies) 3. James Harden (Thunder) 4. Tyreke Evans (Kings) 5. Ricky Rubio (Wolves) 6. Jonny Flynn (Wolves) 7. Stephen Curry (Warriors) 8. Jordan Hill (Knicks) 9. Demar DeRozen (Raptors) 10. Brandon Jennings (Bucks) 11. Terrence Williams (Nets) 12. Gerald Henderson (Bobcats) 13. Tyler Hansbrough (Pacers) 14. Earl Clark (Suns) 15. Austin Daye (Pistons)

Most Successful: Blake Griffin (1) or James Harden (3) or Stephen Curry (7)

All Stars: Blake Griffin (1) James Harden (3) Stephen Curry (7) Demar DeRozan (9)

Best Player Outside of top 5: Stephen Curry (7)

Biggest Busts: Hasheem Thabeet (2) Jonny Flynn (Wolves)

2010 Draft: 1. John Wall (Wizards) 2. Evan Turner (76ers) 3. Derrick Favors (Nets) 4. Wesley Johnson (Wolves) 5. Demarcus Cousins (Kings) 6. Ekpe Udoh (Warriors) 7. Greg Monroe (Pistons) 8. Al-Farouq Aminu (Clippers) 9. Gordon Hayward (Jazz) 10. Paul George (Pacers) 11. Cole Aldrich (Hornets) 12. Xavier Henry (Grizzlies) 13. Ed Davis (Raptors) 14. Patrick Patterson (Rockets) 15. Larry Sanders (Bucks)

Most Successful: Paul George (10)

All Stars: John Wall (1) Paul George (10)

Best Player Outside of top 5: Paul George (10)

Biggest Busts: Evan Turner (2) Wesley Johnson (4)

2011 Draft: 1. Kyrie Irving (Cavs) 2. Derrick Williams (Wolves) 3. Enes Kanter (Jazz) 4. Tristan Thompson (Cavs) 5. Joan Valanciunas (Raptors) 6. Jan Vesely (Wizards) 7. Bismack Biyombo (Kings) 8. Brandon Knight (Pistons) 9. Kemba Walker (Bobcats) 10. Jimmer Fredette (Bucks) 11. Klay Thompson (Warriors) 12. Alec Burks (Jazz) 13. Markieff Morris (Suns) 14. Marcus Morris (Rockets) 15. Kawhi Leonard (Pacers)

Most Successful: Kyrie Irving (1)

All Stars: Kyrie Irving

Best Player Outside of top 5: Klay Thompson (11) or Kawhi Leonard (15)

Biggest Busts: Derrick Williams (2) Bismack Biyombo (7) Jimmer Fredette (10)

2012 Draft: 1. Anthony Davis (Hornets) 2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Bobcats) 3. Bradley Beal (Wizards) 4. Dion Waiters (Cavs) 5. Thomas Robinson (Kings) 6. Damian Lillard (Blazers) 7. Harrison Barnes (Warriors) 8. Terrence Ross (Raptors) 9. Andre Drummond (Pistons) 10. Austin Rivers (Hornets) 11. Meyers Leonard (Blazers) 12. Jeremy Lamb (Rockets) 13. Kendall Marshall (Suns) 14. John Henson (Bucks) 15. Maurice Harkless (76ers)

Most Successful: Anthony Davis (1)

All Star: Anthony Davis (1) Damian Lillard (6)

Best Player Outside of top 5: Damian Lillard (6)

Biggest Busts: Thomas Robinson (5) Austin Rivers (10)

2013 Draft: 1. Anthony Bennett (Cavs) 2. Victor Oladiop (Magic) 3. Otto Porter (Wizard) 4. Cody Zeller (Bobcats) 5. Alex Len (Suns) 6. Nerlens Noel (Pelicans) 7. Ben McLemore (Kings) 8. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Pistons) 9. Trey Burke (Wolves) 10. C.J. McCollum (Blazers) 11. Michael Carter-Williams (76ers) 12. Steven Adams (Thunder) 13. Kelly Olynyk (Mavs) 14. Shabazz Muhammad (Jazz) 15. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks)

Most Successful: MCW (11)

All Star: None

Best Player Outside of top 5: MCW

Biggest Busts: Otto Porter (3)

#8 picks: Channing Frye, Rudy Gay, Brandan Wright, Joe Alexander, Jordan Hill, Al-Farouq Aminu, Brandon Knight Terrence Ross, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

What can we infer from this data? No #8 pick in the past 10 years has made the All Star team. 5 of 80 players picked 8-15 have made the All-Star Team (6.25%) Does this team need another role player? Our issue has not been our role players for the past few years. Our issue has been the fact that we have one, maybe two potential stars and 12 role players. We also have 9 undersized PFs on our team. I'm all for trading the pick. I'll take a one year rental of Kevin Love (I understand we throw in other assets.) I'll take a trade for Al Horford or Roy Hibbert. This team needs proven success. This team does not need another role player. Feel free to argue with me below!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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