Breaking down a video that probably shouldn't be broken down

How's it going, STR? I've been lurking around the site for a while now, and I wanted to talk about the Kings Raptors Summer League scrimmage. A quick little introduction about me: I'm 18 years old, just graduated high school, and will be attending USC this Fall, majoring in either Biology or Business, but will surely minor in Sports Media Studies.

This is just a highlight, and probably doesn't need much clip-by-clip breakdown, but it's summer, I'm bored, and I thought I saw some interesting things in the video.

In case you haven't seen the highlight yet, here is a link:

Clip 1

We've definitely seen this ability from D-Will in the past. He's had good penetrating ability, but his biggest problems have been consistency and shooting. Nothing much in the first clip.

Clip 2

Ray had Nik open, who was coming off a down screen by D Will, but elected to give Q the ball. Ray could have been a little more patient with the other side of the play. (or maybe I just want to see Nik with the ball...)Q looks very confident handling the ball here, granted it is against a summer league roster, but does a good job recognizing the double team and finding the open man, could have stayed on his feet. Also on this play, Nik was open twice, which shows he is finding the open spot on the floor well.

Clip 3

Nothing much here, Ben shows athletic ability with the standing dunk.

Clip 4

Ray makes a really nice lefty one-handed pass to Ben here. Nik again open for 3, but nice to see Ben confident with taking his own shot.

Clip 5

Ray makes a nice pass to Ben, who finishes with a pretty spin move. Nik and Q fill lanes well. Ben again shows great athletic ability.

Clip 6

D Will drives and finishes with the left, not a long enough clip to really see anything else.

Clip 7

Lots of discussion points here. The coach sitting next to Coach Jent, (I think it might be Corliss), is harping on Ray to "move it, move it, move it, move it." The emphasis is on ball movement, and not leaving the ball in any one player's hand for too long, a big problem the Kings had last year. You see great movement on this play, and it is finished off with a Quincy throw down.

Clip 8

Nik's first bucket of the scrimmage, he receives a dribble handoff, something he did a lot of in the Michigan system, turns the corner well and finishes at the bucket. He looks quick off the handoff, and athletic at the finish.

Clip 9

An alley-oop from I don't know who 1 to I don't know who 2.

Clip 10

Quincy knocks down a shot from the top of the key. We saw that he could occasionally hit the short corner jumper or the corner 3 last season, but if Quincy could hit the elbow, top of the key jumper, and maybe even stretch that out to the 3, our bench production would improve.

Clip 11

Nik receives a dribble handoff, sees his man goes under the screen, and knocks down the triple. I think we can expect to see a lot of dribble handoffs/screen handoffs this season with Demarcus and Nik. Demarcus is capable of hitting any shot from 1-15 feet, and could drive if both defenders cheat toward Nik, and Nik can both drive and knock down the shot if both defenders stay under the screen. This is an addition to our offense I am VERY excited to see.

Clip 12

I don't know who was involved in this play.

Clip 13

Nik shows his ability to create his own shot here. He appears to be trapped, but dribbles out, and separates himself from his defender with his trademark step-back jumper. He also puts his finger to his mouth and "shhhhhhh's" the Toronto bench as he trots back down the floor.

That ^ didn't happen, but I'd like to imagine something like that in a summer league scrimmage!

Final Thoughts

This is a summer league scrimmage. Obviously the environment is nothing like the NBA season, but here are a couple things of note from the last three days of camp.

Demarcus Cousins is there. You rarely see a star (yes, a star), at his team's summer league minicamp. That says a lot about his mentality toward next season, and his desire to build further camaraderie with his teammates.

We have 5 players that will almost definitely have a roster spot next season playing with each other in July. Chemistry built here will definitely carry over to the season.

At this point, I can't see us trading Derrick Williams this offseason. He has talked about how much he loves this front office, this being the first time a team has reached out to him in the offseason, and I don't think management is ready to give up on the #2 overall pick just three years after coming out of the draft.

Finally, Ben and Ray Mac look really, really comfortable out there. Ben was confident, and Ray looked like he had command of everything as the PG. Nik is moving with and without the ball well, and Quincy can actually play basketball with the ball in his hands. I can't wait for Friday where we can see what these guys' weaknesses are, and see if this highlight is any indication of the players' improvement.

Thanks all, pretty unnecessary video to break down, but I am not in the mood to sleep right now, and I was deprived of Kings basketball. Please comment any responses to my post, good or bad, and let me know what you guys thought of the video.

It's illegal on STR to write an entire 950 word post without mentioning these two words: Isaiah Thomas.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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