PG moving forward

In my eyes, I think it's fairly it's fairly obvious that the FO doesn't think we have our PG of the future on the team. Collison was brought in but on that contract I can't see Pete D thinking he's a long term starter. That being said, there are some options available next summer:

Rajon Rondo- A supposed favorite of our FO because of his defense and pass first mentality. Biggest name PG on the market and will be sure to garner major attention

Goran Dragic- Early in the 13-14 season, we were believed to have made an offer for Dragic which included IT. Maybe the Suns knew they could get him (IT) this summer and didn't want to pull the trigger. Great scorer and has good size at the position

Reggie Jackson- Will just be turning 25 next year and has loads of potential that he's definitely already tapped into. Has great size for the position, great defender and made OKC not miss a beat in the absence of Westbrook during last regular season

Now, before I go into which of these 3I prefer, I think we should address the notion that the FO wants a "pass first" PG; since the new regime has come in, the idea has been tossed around that we want a PG that has the first instinct to pass rather than shoot. While I think this is partly true, could it also be true that they value defense at the position and size more so than the "pass first" garbage? Greivis Vasquez was brought in and while he is pass first, what does he have at the position? Great size. His defense or lack thereof proved to be to much to overlook and spelled the end of his tenure. We've been tied to Rondo on numerous occasions as well who, outside of Chris Paul, might be the best pass first PG in the league when healthy. But like the others, he has has great size and is a plus defender at the position. We have also been tied to interest in Shaun Livingston who has great length and defensive ability and even Julyan Stone, the backup for Toronto last year, who theoretically is similar to Livingston, until the Rudy Gay trade. So could it be that they value defense and size more than the the notion to always pass first?

I say that because I'm leading to this. Of the 3 guards that will be free agents next year, Rondo will probably be top on the list but he will be the top on every other team's list that is looking for a point guard and I don't know that we can pry him from others unless we greatly overpay which I don't think we should. Dragic is the worst of the 3 defensively and is similar to IT in that he is a shoot first player and I don't think is an ideal fit for us. Reggie Jackson to me is the best option.

Jackson has a 7'0 wingspan, is a spectacular athlete and he can shoot. The only downside to this situation is that he will be a restricted free agent, but if he has a year like last year again, he might be outside of the Thunder's reach. When asked to play PG for the injured Westbrook, his ability to blow by his man and get teammates involved was on full display. I don't have his averages, but the eyeball test shows that he belongs as a starter in the league with tremendous upside. With a potential price tag of 10M plus, I don't know that OKC will have the ability to match, given that they will need to address Ibaka in a couple years as well as Westbrook and Durant and need the flexibility moving forward to retain their best.

How does everyone feel about these guys and what do you think we should do to address the point guard position? Collison may have been promised to start this year, but his best position in my eyes is as a backup, similar to Isaiah, where he can be among the best in the league. He's capable of starting, but on a championship team which is what I think we are looking to build, Collison probably isn't your starting PG.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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