Downtown Sacramento Arena

Sactown Royalty's coverage of the new downtown Sacramento arena.

Arena Progress Update: Day 72


Demolition continues as opponents fight environmental review in courts.

Arena Progress Update: Day 55


Downtown Plaza continues to shrink. Demolition expected for another six to eight weeks.

Arena Progress Update: Day 38


For those counting at home, the new arena in downtown Sacramento is 755 days away from opening. The team says the project is on schedule and expects the shell of the arena will be visible by next...

Arena Progress Update: Day 25


Demolition continues apace.

Arena Progress Update: The walls are tumbling down


It's all happening!

Arena Progress Update: Day 9


Things are happening at Sacramento's Downtown Plaza as the demolition for the new arena continues. Let's take a look at the sights and sounds.

Arena Progress Update: Day 5


The statues are coming down!

Arena Progress Update: Day 2


Small update today, but the barricades continue to be put up in place.  Here we have a picture from Phil Horn, Kings Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service: I love progress! Saturday...

Arena Progress Update: Day 1


We are a GO


Arena site demolition begins Friday


Shovels in the ground! (metaphorically)

Updated Kings arena construction timeline released


The demolition of the Downtown Plaza Mall will begin in late July and the exterior of the new arena should be done by fall 2015.

Is Sacramento's arena deal bad?


Economic studies say Sacramento made a mistake with their new arena deal. But that doesn't necessarily mean they did.

Kings offer virtual experience with arena designs


Oculus Rift, augmented reality - it's all there at the Kings' new arena "Experience Center" on J Street.

Arena Financing Passes 7 to 2


Signed, sealed, delivered.

A new future for Sacramento rests on one vote


The Kings stayed a year ago. Tuesday's city council meeting will keep the team here for more than three decades and set the city of Sacramento on a new course.

Final vote on arena set for May 20


There is one vote left before the demolition process of Downtown Plaza can begin and the Kings are guaranteed to be in Sacramento for at least 35 years.

Kings to pump $5.5 million into arena art program


The Kings announced a partnership with the Sacramento Metro Arts Commission to help develop an art plan for the new downtown arena. An artist or artists will be selected to create the "monumental"...

City protected more under revised arena term sheet


A revised term sheet for the agreement between the city of Sacramento and the Kings was released Monday. Under the new agreement, which will be voted on by the city council on May 13, the city's...

More elements of new arena highlighted in report


Five new bar/nightclubs, wide open spaces, sky bridges and more in the latest city report on the new downtown arena.

What's next for the downtown arena


Assistant City Manager John Dangberg says the city council will vote on the revised arena term sheet on May 13.

Another Arena Hurdle Removed


A Sacramento court judge tentatively ruled in the city's favor to take control of the Macy's men's store at the Downtown Plaza. That lot was the last piece of land needed for the future arena.

Demolition of Downtown Plaza expected in May


Turner Construction and AECOM representatives were on hand at a Sacramento Building Industry Forum this week. Demolition of Downtown Plaza and other arena-related topics were discussed.

Phil Jackson is wrong


Phil Jackson sat down for an interview with Sam Amick, and among other things, his role in the Sacramento-Seattle saga as well as his opinion of the Maloofs came up.

Ryan Lillis on what's next for the downtown arena


Ryan Lillis, the excellent city reporter at The Sacramento Bee, joins us to discuss STOP and the timeline for the arena.

STOP stopped


The last major hurdle to a new downtown arena has been cleared.

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