Downtown Sacramento Arena

Why I Feel OK About the Arena Situation

This morning, a Seattle Times columnist used the occasion of Aubrey McClendon blowing the cover of the Sonics' new owners to ask David Stern why the Seattle situation isn't getting the personal...

Marcos Breton is Wrong

Marcos Breton pens a column saying the Tim Donaghy scandal helps Sacramento's leverage in getting a new Kings arena.Some readers have emailed a similar sentiment. I disagree.The Kings weren't going...

Rumors on New Arena

As has been discussed in the diaries, rumors about the NBA's plan to build a new arena in Sacramento are flying all over the place. Ailene Voisin got it started two weeks ago with her Q&A with...

Helpful Tips For Today's Las Vegas Coverage

Dear Sactown Royalty Enthusiast,We understand that with the Sacramento Kings not participating in any of the activities around the much-hyped, much-anticipated All-Star Game weekend in Las Vegas,...

Stern's Embarkation

I've been silent on David Stern's self-insertion into the arenapocolypse for no particularly good reason. In short, it's the most important thing to happen to the arena effort in years - even more...

Get me a doctor.

I must be coming down with something, because I was nodding and muttering "Yes, yes" under my breath while reading Marcos Breton's Sunday column in The Bee: Why did this column let you have it with...

We can probably forget about a downtown arena. For the Kings anyways.

Wow. Just wow.There is so much bad blood here. It's almost crystal clear that the Maloofs will never get what they want (a fully-funded Taj Mahal and every extra revenue mechanism under the sun)...

Interview w/ Sandy Smoley, Chairwoman of Yes on Q & R

I just got off the phone with Sandy Smoley, the chairwoman of the Yes on Measures Q & R campaign. Here are her answers to some of my questions:On the incredible margin of defeat: "80-20 is huge....

Arena: Election Results, Open Thread

If, like me, you can't resist watching a train wreck, allow this to be your place to discuss said train wreck.(I won't lie: I'll mostly be following national implications, the Pombo and Doolittle...

Major Announcement from Non-Maloof Arena Proponents Tonight

According to Elmets Communications (the respected firm leading the city/county efforts on the disastrous arena measures), proponents will be making an announcement about the future of the arena...

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