Should Kings Bid on Metta World Peace?


Hey we've already met you, and know you're crazy, but you're on waivers, so we might sign you maybe?

Rondom Thoughts


Perhaps my last post under the heading of "Ron-Ron," unless I choose to opt in later and then immediately regret it... I will miss Ron vs. Brandon Roy. I will not miss Ron vs. Reggie Theus or...

Ron Artest Will Be Involved On Draft Day


Thursday night, following the draft, Ron Artest will anchor the sports desk on News10. That's the 11 PM (PST) broadcast. Bryan May and Ryan Yamamoto will coach Ron prior to the broadcast, but he...

Baseless Ron Artest Trade Rumors, v2.0


Following up on the Josh Howard for Ron Artest rumors, allow me to submit one of my own design. I toss this out more to gauge your feelings as it pertains to Ron-Ron's value. T.J. Ford has to...

Ron Artest For Josh Howard?


Place this one firmly under the heading of "rumor mill," but Sam Amick files this story on his blog in the Sacramento Bee. Cliff notes version - Rick Carlisle loves Ron-Ron and wouldn't mind...

These People Have Obviously Never Been to Placer County


This quote from Ron-Ron seems to be getting much blogospheric attention: Crazy Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest has a paid personal assistant who "fields late-night requests for organic cookies"...

Why I love Ron (but wish not to invest in him)


First things first. I love Ron Artest. Love, love, love, love, love him. LOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM!!!I also loved a woman prior to meeting and falling in love with Mrs. section214. And I loved her. Loved,...

Ron: We Love You


Ron-Ron told reporters this before the Charlotte game: "From what I've been reading in the blogs, everybody hates me, so I don't know," Artest said. "What I read in the blogs, nobody loves me." We...



Read this and tell me you're in favor of keeping Ron Artest around.It'd be one thing if we were gunning for a title -- as many other teams interested in Ron-Ron are -- but this is a young,...

Kings Prevented From Drowning Sorrows


Quincy Douby just doesn't have as much pull as he used to.(Hint: Bring Reggie next time. You know these bouncers grew up on Hang Time.)


Ron-Ron Doesn't Want To Go


Every week or so, I come across a random quote which asserts (to me) Ron Artest really doesn't want to get traded. Here's the latest one: "I want me to come back more than anyone - except coach...

Ron-Ron Talks About His Daughter


The Bee's Sam Amick talked with Ron Artest about his young ailing daughter. Basketball isn't very important sometimes.

Ron Artest Appeals Suspension


As promised this summer, Ron Artest is fighting the length of his suspension stemming from his domestic violence arrest last spring. More accurately: The NBA Players Association is fighting the...

Ron-Ron + KevMar = <3


Might as well be etched in an oak tree. From the blog's summary of off-camera media questions to Kevin Martin last week: Who called you first after this deal was done? "I think Ron. Ron...

Ron-Ron Doesn't Think He'll Be Traded


And what's Ron Artest's rationale for thinking he won't be traded this summer? "I don't think a trade's going to happen. I don't think anybody will give me up the way I've been working out this...

Hot Diggety Dog


I have a confession to make. I really like Ron Artest. For the most part, I'm glad he's on our team.I have a love/hate relationship with him, much like that the city of San Francisco likely has for...

Ron-Ron Just Knows What He Likes


What was the craziest thing you ate over there? "I ate ostrich [testicles], I think!" Lots of good stuff in the interview by Andrew Nicholson of the blog, including this key lesson...

Ron-Ron Hates Realists


Ken Berger of Newsday has a big package of Ron Artest content today. On Berger's blog, he lets Ron-Ron flow on about basketball.This answer was most interesting: Whether his teammates in Sacramento...

More Ron-Ron From Africa


Sam Amick has another dispatch from Ron Artest in Kenya on his blog.

Ron Artest, Fresh & Clean


Andrew Nicholson keeps delivering the goods on the officials blog. Artest was in Vegas, supporting his younger brother Daniel and the Kings Summer League team. Artest took the term...

The Other Side of Ron Artest


Our dear Ron-Ron told Marc Stein to "please recognize the other side of Ron Artest." I will oblige and print his further comments to Stein without comment. "I am doing many positive things this...

Sometimes, Ron-Ron Makes Me Smile


This e-mail conversation with ESPN's Marc Stein did the trick, actually: Following the hiring of Reggie Theus as the successor to Eric Musselman, Artest insisted that he and Bibby are closer than...

Ron-Ron, On the Brawl


Kudos to you Placer residents who don't throw rocks at Ron-Ron when he's posting up on a picnic table at Hidden Falls. We all appreciate your restraint.(This video is from here.)

Artest Sentenced in Domestic Violence Case


The Bee's borderline irresponsible headline says 'Artest sentenced 20 days in jail'.But Artest won't spend another minute in jail. The judge stayed half the sentence and Artest is eligible for...

Ron-Ron Absolved of Blame in Dog Abuse Case


We may owe Ron Artest an apology: the Placer County DA will not file charges in the infamous dog abuse case that flipped Sacramento's lid last winter.An investigation found that Artest was out of...

Artest: "I Kind of Wished We Could Have Lost"


Yikes. It's one thing for us cynical fans to root for the Kings to go into the tank and give us a better chance at picking up a marquis player to adorn our hardwood in the coming years, but buried...

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