Artest's World: They're All Out to Get Me


Ever wonder just what is going on in the head of Ron-Ron? With today's news piling on to issues with coaches, teammates, opponents and man's best friend, we thought we'd give Artest the floor for a...

Geoff Petrie's Full Statement


Here's what Geoff Petrie had to say about L'Affair Ron-Ron: "The Kings have excused Ron Artest indefinitely from any further participation with the team due to his arrest today for domestic...

Ron 'excused' from the team indefinitely.


No link yet, but a reporter at the press conference just said the Kings have 'excused' Ron Artest from the team indefinitely due to his Monday arrest on suspicion of domestic abuse. (And reporters...

They told us so.


We didn't believe them.They told us he'd be a headache, more trouble than he was worth.They said he'll never change - once a thug, always a thug.They called him a ticking timebomb, they called us...

Ron Speaks: Fun Losses, Doppelganger Coaches, and Transgender Dogs


Ron Artest has a new journal entry up at Some great insight on the team is included. An example: The last journal entry was just before the Knicks game. We lost that one, but that...

Reaction to Artest's Dog Woes


There's been a ton of reaction to the whole Artest-Socks fiasco, so I thought I'd round up some of the best bits.From Matt Ufford at With Leather: If convicted, Artest could face a $20,000 fine. So...

Marmadukegate Gets Worse


Things are getting better for Ron Artest. From the Sacramento Bee: Since July, his four dogs have spent a total of 77 nights at the pound -- at a cost to their master of $1,942 in boarding and...

People: Feed Your Dogs.


Update [2007-2-7 12:37:4 by TZ]: If you have some cash around, now might be a good time to donate to the Placer County SPCA.

"The Man" Says Artest Doesn't Feed "The Dog"


Oh Ron-Ron, why do you do these things?While we understand that families are put under the strain of an NBA lifestyle, that spouses and significant others may be separated for weeks at a time...

Is Ron-Ron Tradeable? Is Miami a Possibility?


Marty Burns of Sports Illustrated looks at Ron Artest's possible future destinations, with mentions of Miami, New York, and San Antonio.Burns says he wouldn't go out and get Artest if he was any of...

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