Artest Joins Atlanta Vision


To be honest, I didn't see this coming.It was announced yesterday that the Atlanta Vision of the ABA have added Artest to provide the team with physical front-court depth, delivering the...

Ron-Ron's Album Has Sold 1,000 Copies. Seriously.


Ron Artest's debut album My World has sold only 1,000 copies, according to's Sam Alipour.I only listened to "Fever," the debut single which never got picked up by any reputable outlet (as...

Ron Artest, A Humble Man.


I'm just going to slip this in without comment: I'm playing pretty well this year. I hurt my back and the Sacramento papers are saying, "Ron Artest isn't that good of a scorer." People are looking...

Ron Artest: ESPN Magazine Cover Boy


Maybe it's just me, but if the defining moment of my professional career was an appalling brawl that got me sued and thought of as a thug, just maybe I'd try to show some contrition, and use basic...

Ron-Ron's Offense is So Bad...


How bad is it?Via Shot Att.   eFG%  Ast'd  Blk'd   Pts Jump  66%   .214    57%     0%   5.0 Close 26%   .357    20%    36%   3.3   Dunk   2%  1.000   100%     0%   0.7   Tips   6%  ...

Ron Artest Thinks Sactown Royalty is Pessimistic


Oh my god.Jamie Mottram of AOL Sports Bloggers Live interviewed Ron Artest yesterday. He mentioned Sactown Royalty about a dozen times, and asked what Ron-Ron thought of our 50-win prediction: T...

Eye of the Tiger, Thrill of the Fight


(I know this is going to make you too giddy to get any work done today, so apologies in advance.)The lead singer of Survivor will be doing the national anthem for tonight's game in Chicago.Go...

So, Ron-Ron is Showing Up Tonight, Right?


I don't know how much fun Ron Artest had last night, with his album release and all.But judging by this video clip from, I'm guessing it was not a boring night.This also seems like a good...

Buy Ron Artest's "My World" On iTunes Now


The following is not a paid avertisement or endorsement of the following product, and does not indicate said endorsement by Sactown Royalty owners, management, or that of SportsBlogs Nation. That...

Another Reason I Am Very Excited for Tonight's Tip-off


Ron Artest, Sacramento King.

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