Anointing King Boogie


What really connects DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins to the team and the city that he plays for?

The complex relationship between JT and Kings fans


Jason Thompson has fallen out of favor with Kings fans, but it's just because both parties are ready to move on.

Examining why the Kings might waive Quincy Acy


The luxury tax rears its ugly head, among other things.

No, the Kings didn't disrespect Isaiah Thomas


Isaiah Thomas continues to discuss how Sacramento disrespected him, but they actually treated him pretty well.

Reviewing the Summer League roster players


The Kings got good performances out of their roster players at Summer League. Let's take a look at what we saw out of Nik Stauskas, Ben McLemore, Ray McCallum, Quincy Acy and Derrick Williams.

The Sacramento Kings should sign Eric Moreland


Moreland is bringing everything the Kings need on the defensive side of the ball.

Geniuses and fools are made in hindsight


It's premature to judge the Kings' moves, but it's ok to disagree with them.

Let's All Just Calm The Hell Down


Note from Aykis: This post by Mr. Biegler has some strong language. Viewer discretion is advised. There is a John Cheever short story, the Country Husband.  It's anthologized so any number of you...

Nik Stauskas is showing signs of his value


Nik Stauskas has been efficient and has played under control through the first three games of the Summer League.

Thomas will always be a king in Sacramento


Isaiah Thomas meant a lot to this city, both on and off the court.


Explaining the Trade Exception

How exactly can the Kings use the Trade Exception they got in the Isaiah Thomas sign-and-trade?

Darren Collison from a Clippers point of view


Steve Perrin of Clips Nation joins us to chat about new Kings point guard Darren Collison.

Kings PF problem will be tough to fix


The Kings have a bunch of Power Forwards, but they still don't have the right one.

No, Pete and Vivek aren't the Maloofs


I can't believe we're even having this discussion.

It all comes down to money


Let's stop pretending this decision was about "creating a change" or that Darren Collison is more "pass-first". The Kings didn't want to pay starter money for Isaiah Thomas so they didn't.

Stepping back from the ledge

Now that the Darren Collison signing has marinated a bit, it's time to begin the process of talking myself into the signing.

Darren Collison Reaction Round-up


Where we find out we aren't the only ones who are confused.

Is Standing Pat the Answer to the Kings Problems?


With all these rumors swirling, could the best option be for the Kings to work with what they already have?

Jason Thompson needs a change of scenery


Jason Thompson has been here six years. There's been a lot of losing. He is trying to get the love of the game back - and that probably needs to happen on a different team.

Rantdumb Thoughts, Nik Stauskas Edition


section214 pontificates on last night's drafting of Nik Stauskas.

Kings continue to prove this is a new era


After years of turmoil, the Sacramento Kings continue to show that things are different now as the excitement builds leading into draft day.

Pulling Back on the Kings' Cape


As new Kings management enters their first real offseason it's important to placate their ambitions with a more sedentary perspective.

Should Kings draft Embiid if he falls to 8?


Joel Embiid's injuries could severely impact his draft stock, but Sacramento shouldn't let him slip past them.

Mail Sac is back!


StR Mail Sac answers discarded podcast questions.

On Chandler Parsons


Chandler Parsons will be a free agent this summer, but it will take a lot to pry him away from Houston.

2013-14 Season in Review: Michael Malone


The Kings coach had a rough start to his head coaching career but hopes to build on it going forward.

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