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Nik Stauskas Has Hops


Here's a look at our new 2014 road jersey in action courtesy of the 2014 NBA rookie photo shoot & our new rookie Nik Stauskas.

Zach Lowe on the "Kings of Confusion"


Hey, we got the front page of Grantland. Zach Lowe offers a balanced and analytics-heavy take on our perplexing offseason, and offers a little dap to Kings' fans.

"Where did the Kings' ball go to die?"

"Move it, move it, pass, pass!" shouts the Kings coach. We kept hearing it over and over all season long. The Kings lacked ball movement. The fans saw it. The NBA writers wrote it. Too much...

2014 NBA Draft: DALT99 System Player Rankings

Hello everyone! There have been rumors of my demise (or at least rumors that I have been taken away to some draft bunker with Pete D’Alessandro) but those rumors are untrue. I am here again to...


A Thank You Letter from a Longtime Lurker

(From the FanPosts. I encourage all the rest of you lurkers to come here and comment more often! Our commenters are our community and our community is what makes us great - Aykis) I’ve been a...

Mail Call for a Thursday


The M*loof effect, 2013-14 player stats, help a member select a Kings jersey, make your own starting lineup, and re-live the 2009 draft.

Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Feat. Sam Amick


A very entertaining and insightful podcast with the CK crew and Sam Amick. Topics include Cousins, Petrie's future with the team, and more.

Smart’s moves stunting Kings’ growth


Sports Illustrated's Rob Mahoney discusses the state of the Kings and Keith Smart's mishandling of Aaron Brooks, Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette.

The cover of this month's Sacramento News & Review is awesome.


The cover of this month's Sacramento News & Review is awesome.


A Declaration of Independence

When in the Course of yet another abysmal season, it becomes necessary for one fan-base to dissolve the emotional bands which have connected them with a roster, and to assume among the powers of...


Thomas Robinson is a pretty good artist


Better than some of the other rookies

Thomas isn't outpacing Brooks by any significant stretch. Fredette can't stay in front of a...


Thomas isn't outpacing Brooks by any significant stretch. Fredette can't stay in front of a discarded bathrobe. Still, given the Kings' rebuilding circumstances and the fanbase's familiarity with both, even after merely a truncated rookie season, why all the hope in the journeyman Brooks? Especially when it means you could be losing a chance to develop two solid young NBA guards?

Kelly Dwyer - Ball Don't Lie in an excellent take on the Kings Point Guard Situation

Tyler Honeycutt Finding His Game?


Two impressive games on Friday and Saturday for Honeycutt. Double-doubles with steals, threes, and blocks to boot.

Cowbell Kingdom: DeMarcus on Jimmer's "Crazy" moves


Cowbell Kingdom got a hilarious soundbite from DeMarcus raving over some of Jimmer's moves. Short clip, but a must listen.

Greg Van Dusen Talks to Jason Ross about Arena Renovation


Former Kings executive Greg Van Dusen chatted with Jason Ross on his show today to give some details regarding a potential Sleep Train Arena renovation. Check out the audio clip.

Bruski: NBA owners forced to choose between Maloofs and Sacramento in remake of Major League


Nailed it. I wish the rest of the country would actually read this.


Sacramento Bee: As Virginia Beach makes push to lure a team, Sacramento mayor frustrated with Maloofs

This article is exactly why we renamed ourselves from #FANS to Crown Downtown and use the hashtags of #BiggerThanBasketball and #BestInTheWorld.This past April, Mayor Kevin Johnson told us at the...

Price tag for Va. Beach arena jumps $46 million


"Details of the proposal in a draft of a report to be presented to the City Council today show that financing costs would bring the city's total to just under $241 million. Last week, Mayor Will Sessoms estimated the cost at $195 million but noted that did not include borrowing costs. With the interest, the estimated cost of the arena is nearly $346 million; an additional $80 million is needed to relocate an unnamed professional sports team, for a total of about $426 million."

Virginia Beach just a mark in the Sacramento Kings owners’ game of cards


Excellent piece as always by McAllister, one of the few usually a step ahead of the rat known as George Maloof.


The All Important Reason behind Why

Recently, now more than ever I have begun to question myself for continuing to support the Sacramento Kings. Earlier this year, we were blessed with the opportunity to draft Thomas Robinson, the...


Movin' steps!

I hope many of you feel the same excitement that I do. For three years, beginning with Tyreke Evans, the Kings have been remaking the team, bringing in nearly all new faces. We have a sold front...

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