Carl Landry has knee surgery and expects to return at full strength for the upcoming season

Having a tough year on the injury front after signing a 4 yr/$26M deal, Carl Landry has surgery in New York and is expected to return to his previous form by the start of the 2014-15 Kings season.

Does anyone happen to have an extra ticket to tomorrow Kings game vs. Spurs?


I have 12 tickets to tomorrow's game for my family, but one of my cousin wants to go too and I can't find anything near my seating and the ticket price of what's available is kind of out of my budget. Let me know if anyone has anything extra or would like to sell for a reasonable price to another longtime Kings fan. Our seats are in Section 224 Row R and S. I have couple seats in Row N as well. I won the tickets through Kings Pepsi Deal. I thought of showing a live NBA game to my uncle's and cousins who've never seen this kind of action in their life. I was able to find a seat very close to our seating, but the person is selling 2 tickets and I don't have anyone else who would like to go. Please reply back if someone has anything available. Thank You so much for your time and effort. Go Kings!

Geoff Petrie Interview

A nice interview with Geoff Petrie, who reflects on his time with the Kings among other topics. He was and will always be a class act, but even Petrie felt the need to put in a little notice about what motivated many of the trades during his last few years (hint: It involves cash and a certain ownership group that lacked it).

Isaiah's interview with Dime Magazine

Dime Q&A: Isaiah Thomas On His P&R Defense, Playing With Boogie & A Lot More

Alex Owumi: I played basketball for Gaddafi

When US basketball player Alex Owumi signed a contract to play for a team in Benghazi, Libya, he had no idea that his employer was the the most feared man in the country. Nor did he guess the country was about to descend into war. Here he tells his story, parts of which some readers may find distressing.

Royce White gets the call up from Reno

Royce White has played 4 games for the D-League Bighorns. Looks like he will have a chance to practice with the team and may be ready for his first chance for NBA court time.

Quincy Acy Really Hates to Lose

Not really an article, just an interesting tidbit I found when Terrrence Ross did an AMA on Reddit.

Royce White has played four games with Reno Bighorns

Has he done enough to warrant another contract? Should he be called up to the Kings?

It's Boogie Week

Hickory high is doing a week long exposé are our favorite polarizing player.

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