While we all cringe and squirm and peek at Breaking News headlines with one eye closed, I thought some fun Maloofed-themed photo editing projects might be fun. Anyone else???

Who is this Mystery Fan?


This lady is courtside at nearly every game. Anyone know who the heck she is?

Adrienne used to look just like George


I know it's a cheap shot, but it's about a Maloof, so what the heck. Star magazine came out with a picture of Adrienne at 15, before what must have been 100's of plastic surgeries to look like plastic now.



Tonight is Mayor Johnson's 2013 State of the City: Sacramento Next event. Crown Downtown has always backed Mayor Johnson with his goals of keeping the Kings, building a downtown entertainment and sports complex, a reuse of Natomas and other reasons that are #BiggerThanBasketball Show your support with our Twibbon and hashtag of #WeSupportKJ To make one go to:

An eye for an eye


You know how a lot of Seattle folks put out the attitude that the Kings leaving Sacramento isn't a bad thing because what happened in Seattle is somehow worse and also relocation just happens all the time so Sacramento should just do what Seattle is doing now and prepare to take someone else's team? I started answering those people with the words of Mahatma Gandhi, because if you have the opportunity to put someone in a position of arguing with Gandhi then you should take it. And then I was thinking about what a great sign it would make and couldn't remember seeing it yet, but since I'm 3000 miles away and have nothing to do with a sign until April 19th I decided to make a digital version and release it into the wild. I like it, but my self-worth doesn't depend on your approval so feel free to criticize if that's your thing.

HWB2 with Crown Downtown


Here We Buy Night 2 takes place on Sunday, March 24th at 6pm as the Kings take on the 76ers. Want to sit and get loud with Crown Downtown? We will be in sections 117 and 118. To sit with us call the Kings and mention Crown Downtown. Tickets are just $24.50 each. You can call: 916-928-3634 or 916-928-3670. So, who will be sitting with us? Lets prove once again that Sacramento is the #BestInTheWorld

Crown Downtown Event: Show Support at Sacramento City Hall


The Sacramento City Council meeting begins at 6:00 pm but we are asking everyone to show up at 5:00 pm. We will be giving away our white Crown Downtown T-shirts to wear. Sacramento City Hall is located at: 915 I Street Sacramento, CA 95814 You can park in the parking garage across the street. This is #BiggerThanBasketball so let's show our support for a downtown entertainment and sports complex because our community deserves it and that we are the #BestInTheWorld. Below is the agenda item on the Kings: Discussion Calendar items include an oral presentation including those recommending "receive and file". 12. Status Update: Sacramento Kings (Oral Report-No Written Report) Report # 2013-00170 Estimated Time: 10 minutes Location: Citywide Recommendation: Receive and file. Contact: John Dangberg, Assistant City Manager, (916) 808-1222, Office of the City Manager


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