Kings fined for Tampering

According to sources the Washington Wizards have launched an investigation with the NBA in suspicion of tampering with current Wizards center Marcin Gortat. If the Kings are found to be tampering, the Kings may end up having to forfeit 2 draft choices including a 2014 lottery pick. Good Job, Pete. press release

Kings to sign Jared Cunningham

Jason Jones ‏@mr_jasonjones 19m Kings will sign guard Jared Cunningham to a 10-day contract, per sources. Kings only have 2 healthy guards (McCallum, McLemore).


Zach Lowe on our transition D

I’m beginning to wonder if the Kings are fated to be among the league’s worst transition defensive teams in perpetuity — if it’s something in the water out there. They are just bad, every season, even as most of the personnel and coaching staff turn over. One reason: Their floor balance is too often out of whack, with four or even five players below the foul line — and sometimes below the dotted line — as a King either shoots or drives into traffic.

Vlade looking for NBA front office position?

Since retiring, Divac returned to his homeland of Serbia and serves as the President of the Olympic Committee. He said he plans to return to California once his service ends next year and would seek a front office position with an NBA team.

The Bandwagon Cam, make it happen VIVEK.

"Q: I’m sure you heard that the Washington Professional Basketball Team put Miami Heat fans on a "Bandwagon Cam" at the game in DC tonight. I cannot tell you how happy this made me. My question is simple: Why doesn’t every other arena in the NBA do this??? —Clark Gerber, Provo, UT SG: I’m demanding it. People running the video screens for the other 28 teams — let’s get this done. You see Heat fans or Thunder fans at your arena in good seats, you throw them on the Bandwagon Cam during a timeout. Just do it. It will be a bigger hit than the Kiss Cam. (Thinking.) Actually, nothing will ever be a bigger hit than the Kiss Cam. ABC should just stop launching new shows and broadcast the Kiss Cam in prime time for 10 hours a week. What would you rather watch — a new drama starring Christian Slater and Steve Zahn, or the Kiss Cam?"

Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah credits Brad Miller with teaching him how to pass

"I’ll never forget that one day at the Berto after practice," Noah recalled. "Brad said, ‘Come over here. This is what you need to do. You’re not going to be a catch-it-in-the-post guy. I got some things that can really help you. Just listen to what I got. I’m going to teach you some things at the elbow and it’s going to help your career.’ It changed a lot of things for me.


Ford hears the Kings are looking to acquire talent rather than sell it off as they attempt a late charge at the postseason.

Cousins selected to the Team USA player pool

Hearing: DeMarcus Cousins, LaMarcus Aldridge and Steph Curry have all earned spots in USA Basketball's 2014 player pool to be announced THU

Outlaw holding up Andre Miller trade.

One possible obstacle to the trade of Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller to the Kings that seemed somewhat likely a few days ago? Travis Outlaw. The Sacramento forward is owed $3 million this season and another $3 million next, and the Kings' insistence that he be included in a possible deal with the Nuggets is one of the many reasons it hasn't happened (and may not).

Kings interested in trading for Dragic?

Not sure the Suns front office knows what to make of all of this. The plan was to tank. They thought they were fielding a roster that couldn't win. It's not like they are playing a bunch of savvy veterans. Eric Bledsoe is a big part of their future, so he's staying. Think everyone else on the team is available. Dragic is the most likely to go. Here the Kings have some interest there.

Chad Ford

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