Isaiah gives his thoughts on his teammates


James Herbert sent along some more thoughts from Isaiah that didn't make it into his main Q&A post yesterday.

Thursday Footnotes


* A slice of Kelly Dwyer's comments from Behind the Boxscore: On the brighter side, Jason Thompson!!! Kings fans hate me for choosing to shoehorn a lame joke into our Kings preview instead of...

TZ Minus 6 - TZ Lives!


While the TZ's continue their cruise and I continue to lounge around their house in Lady Z's clothes (not that there's anything wrong with that), our gifted (and sorely missed) leader continues to...

Weekend Footnotes


All this talk about Beno Udrih's place among the league's most improved and the league's point guards is nice. For what it's worth, outside observers Empty the Bench place Udrih among their top 7...

Post-Apocolyptic Footnotes


How are those Reggie Rules going? The whole 'South Beach flu' thing, I thought, was a joke in this instance. Apparently not: "There was some question before Tuesday's game whether Ron Artest would...

Tuesday Footnotes


Newest Blogger MVP rankings. Via Amick's blog, Orlando Sentinel Tim Povtak has a good column on the perils of Ron Artest, and Florida Today's John Denton endorses the Reggie Theus era. Not to...

Monday Footnotes


It looks like the whole youth movement thing is what kept Kevin Martin on the bench so long last night. I fail to understand how the team is served by having its youngest shooting guard on the...

President's Day Footnotes


Can Tyronn Lue net a first-round draft pick? We'll see; that's about all Phoenix could offer (and they love giving away picks!), and they apparently want Lue to back up Steve Nash. Would they give...

Thursday Footnotes


There's some healthy Nene foreshadowing in Marty McNeal's column, with this Geoff Petrie quote: "We want to maintain flexibility, but I'll be the first to say that's subject to change. We might be...

Tuesday Footnotes


Somewhat obscure holidays, yeah! The biweekly Blogger MVP rankings are up at Hardwood Paroxysm (which a tremendous gamut-running blog). I gave Chris Paul the nod over LeBron. Sam Amick talks to...


Monday Footnotes


Francisco Garcia, out for the week at least. Scott Howard-Cooper talks Ron Artest trade possibilities. Meanwhile Sam Amick talks to folks inside the team, who indicate they've made up their mind...

Friday Footnotes


Brad Miller will play tonight. More Joe Kleine, via TrueHoop. Apparently Portland used the unofficially retired Kleine to make a trade work in 2000. Kleine got $1.2 million for doing nothing. Of...

Thursday Footnotes


Kevin Martin's got a new set of Nikes out there, pictured above. Thanks to The Blowtorch for the heads up. Speaking of Martin: Prior to last night, he'd never taken at least 10 FGAs and hit less...

Wednesday Footnotes


The worst thing about the ridiculous Shaquille O'Neal to Phoenix maelstrom? It is now more difficult to make fun of people for their outlandish trade ideas. Even though Super Tuesday's done, your...

Super Tuesday Footnotes


I swear, I'm going to try to keep up with these Footnotes thingies. Our coaching staff has street cred! Marty McNeal gets this gem from Reggie Theus: ""One of the first things I looked at was I...

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