Kings NBA Draft Coverage

Sactown Royalty's coverage of the Kings' NBA Draft news and rumors.

Inside The Kings Draft War Room Part 2

Volume 2 of Grantland's behind-the-sceens NBA 3.0 piece, that takes us inside the Kings draft "War Room," came out today. And it's awesome!

The Definitive Nik Stauskas Youtube Compilation


Former University of Michigan sharpshooter and newest Sacramento King, Nik Stauskas, is Youtube famous. When you're done watching this collection of Nik Stauskas clips... you'll understand why.

Get to know Nik Stauskas


Zach Travis of Maize N Brew, SB Nation's Michigan Wolverines blog, answers some questions about Kings rookie Nik Stauskas.

Nik Stauskas proving easy to root for


Based on early impressions, Stauskas seems poised to be a fan favorite.

Nik Stauskas press conference open thread


The newest Sacramento King will be introduced to the media at 11:30 PT.

D'Alessandro hints a trade could still be coming


No Kings trades went down during the draft, but could one still be around the corner?

Rantdumb Thoughts, Nik Stauskas Edition


section214 pontificates on last night's drafting of Nik Stauskas.

Nik Stauskas discusses being drafted by the Kings


Nik Stauskas is a King. Here is what he had to say about it.

2014 NBA Draft Open Thread Part Deux


So far it's been business as usual for the Kings, keeping the 8th pick and drafting Nik Stauskas.  Will they complete a trade? Get a second rounder? We'll see.

Poll: Rate the Stauskas Pick


What do you think of the Stauskas pick?


Kings Draft Nik Stauskas at 8


The Kings have a new shooter.

Kings keeping the 8th pick


Sacramento is keeping its pick at No. 8, league source tells Yahoo Sports. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) June 27, 2014 It should be noted that this news broke after the Magic took...

Kings trading McLemore for 6th pick?


Woj reports a trade is being discussed.

2014 NBA Draft Open Thread

We are just 30 minutes away from the NBA Draft, and so far the Kings still have the 8th pick.  It's been all quiet on the rumor front for the last few hours but things can expect to heat up soon....

Kings to keep the 8th pick?


The Kings may not make a trade after all.

2014 NBA Draft schedule and TV info


Draft Day is here!

Kings Want Embiid?


CBS Sports's Ken Berger is reporting that despite Joel Embiid's foot injury, several teams have been angling to move up in the draft in the hopes of acquiring him. Several teams... including the...

StR Draft Contest: The field is set


Sixty eight contestants have entered the Blunderdome, and the consensus and your truly have stepped into the ring, too.

Behind the Scenes of the SBNation NBA Mock Draft


An inside look at our simulation of the NBA Draft.

Kings continue to prove this is a new era


After years of turmoil, the Sacramento Kings continue to show that things are different now as the excitement builds leading into draft day.

NBA Draft 2014 Scouting Profile: James Young


Our draft previews conclude with Kentucky's James Young, a raw talent with great range and an excellent looking jumper but who had minimal defensive success or intensity.


Behind the Scenes of Draft 3.0

Want to see what the winners of the Kings Draft Challenge have been up to? Grantland has the exclusive video.

NBA Draft 2014 Scouting Profile: Rodney Hood


As we enter Draft Week our next target is Duke's Rodney Hood, one of the best shooters in the class with serious intensity issues on defense.


2014 NBA Draft: DALT99 System Player Rankings

Hello everyone! There have been rumors of my demise (or at least rumors that I have been taken away to some draft bunker with Pete D’Alessandro) but those rumors are untrue. I am here again to...

Kings already have deals for 8th pick?


The Kings reportedly already have several firm options on the table for the 8th pick.

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