Thank You


As another season -- Sactown Royalty's seventh -- ends, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the site's editors and contributors, who not only ply pretty sentences on the front page, but often...

2012 All-Star Weekend Fun Post!


The Kings, as usual, don't have much representation in All-Star Weekend this year. So in what has come to be a kind of tradition, we're spicing things up by having a prediction contest! Try to...

Sactown Royalty's Valentine's Day Card Boutique


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and as such, Sactown Royalty has prepared some Kings-themed Valentine's Day cards for you to print out and hand to your loved ones! Enjoy.

A Quick Word On Our GIF And Photo Policy


You may have noticed we are more aggressively removing photos and GIFs featuring scantily clad women from our traditional post-win threads. We will continue to do so, and repeat offenders who post...

Blackout Contest Winner: Ash_Ketchup


A quick congratulations to Ash_Ketchup, who rallied to win the Blackout Contest and will be receiving two tickets to tonight's game. We do wish all contestants could go -- those were all...

POLL: Decide The Blackout Contest Winner


We had 10 entries to the Sactown Royalty Blackout Contest. Instead of cutting that down, we'll let the community pick a winner from the 10 FanPosts. The links are just below this paragraph; the...

Sactown Royalty Blackout Contest: Win Two Tickets To TNT Night


Sactown Royalty has a pair of tickets for TNT Night on Thursday (Kings vs. Thunder, 7:30 p.m. Pacific, The Gymmer in Sacramento) to give away. Here's what you need to do to enter. 1. Write a...

SOPA And Sports Fans


We try to stay out of politics that aren't local and revolve around the arena issue here, but given today's web-wide focus on Congress' Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the fact that Sactown...

Ticket Contest: Guess The Kings' Top Scorer


Want to win two tickets to an upcoming Kings game? Check out this contest from SB Nation's ticket partner, TiqIQ. So to recap, to enter all you have to do is: Like our page on Facebook Go...

I'm Thankful For You, Sactown Royalty


I'm thankful to Tom Ziller for allowing me to write for such a wonderful site and be part of an amazing staff. I'm thankful for the opportunities that being a writer/member of this site have given...

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