Satire / Humor

Court Jester #7: Sacramento Wins the Championship!


Ray McCallum and company are bringing home the hardware for the first time since 1951.


Cousins on Kimmel reading "Mean Tweets"

The Kings center pops up in late night once more as part of a bit where NBA players read aloud some of the mean tweets they get.

The Royal Portrait #4: Picasso


Time to get a little surreal...

Royal Portrait #3: GODZILLA!!!!


Sorry for the delay in this edition. This edition took a lot of extra work. Things are about to get crazy in here! In honor of Godzilla attacking theatres this last weekend, this weeks theme is...

Court Jester #5: Who is Pizza Guy?


We have heard the rumors. We have seen the signal. We have heard the rumors. But what kind of guy is this Pizza Guy? We separate the truth from the rumor in the sage of our favorite superhero, and...

The Royal Portrait #2: Disney Edition


We started you off easy with a simple portrait last time, now things get magical!

NFL Draft Guide for NBA fans


The NFL draft can be confusing for NBA die-hards, but we're here to help.

1st Annual Jesty Awards


BBall awards season is in full effect, but while some give out meaningless awards like MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, we dove deeper to give awards for things that really matter, like facial...

Court Jester #5: Kings to Retire Outlaw's Jersey


Travis Outlaw's long overdue jersey retirement is finally happening. The Kings will hold a special ceremony during halftime of the season's last game to honor the Kings' Forward for all of his...

Gortat signing with Kings this summer?


The Washington Wizards center, who will be an unrestricted Free Agent this summer, may have already decided his next destination.


Court Jester #4: Kings Set to Win Draft Lottery


The votes are in, and the decision is final. The Sacramento Kings will have the first pick in the NBA draft. After years of trying, they have finally been rewarded for their mediocrity.

Court Jester #3: Jimmer Bought Out After Mishap


All Jimmer wanted was lunch, but he got more than he bargained for when he asked the GM out to lunch. A few riots, STOP petitions, and DeMarcus Cousins meltdowns later, it may have changed the...


Michael Malone can't believe it

Being coach of a bad team is tough.

Correction regarding article dated 2/11/14


An eagle-eyed reader spotted several errors in our Kings-Cavs recap.

Court Jester #2: Kings Playing With Understudies


A satirical look at the Kings inconsistent play as of late (with glimpses into Michael Malone's possible obsession with a Hollywood actor.)

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!


It's Isaiah Thomas' birthday! Let's wish him a happy birthday, and learn some fun facts about the Hustlin' Huskie.

Court Jester #1: Maloofs Introduce NBA 3.1


Court Jester posts are satire. Not actual news, so don't take it too seriously!

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