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Achieving Peace by Remembering the Past: The 2009 StR Draft Thread


I was making my plans on how to experience this year's draft, and I decided to find out approximately when the actual picks start being made by reviewing last year's draft thread. In addition to answering my initial question (it appears that the clock starts on the first pick at 4:30), it was fascinating and often hilarious reliving last year's draft through the eyes of StR (I missed the live thread last year). In a strange way, reviewing the roller coaster of anticipation, excitement, jubilation, horror, disbelief, skepticism, and various coping methods left me feeling even more excited for this year's draft but also less nervous. I've been telling myself that I'll be okay with whoever Geoff chooses, but I think this is the first time that I've actually felt it. I also plucked from this thread my new sig line, spoken by one great philosopher and retold by another.

NBA Draft Preview by Jay Bilas


Nice breakdown of the NBA draft by Jay Bilas here. I agree with most of what he said.

Jonathan Givorny on Point Guards for this 2009 Draft


This is posted on NBA.com and has some interesting comments on this year's point guard prospects.

Hollinger: Draft Ty Lawson


ESPN's John Hollinger is high on Ty Lawson, Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry. DeMar DeRozan? Jordan Hill? Patty Mills? Not so much.

Next Sacramento King - Tyreke Evans (I Just Feel It)


I really feel that Rubio will be gone by #4 and Tyreke will be the pick. I would be all too happy. Ecstatic actually. I truly beleive that this guy will be a all-star multiple times. He has that kind of talent. 2008 McDonald's All American MVP - that's special. He's only18 too. This fanpost is to feature his best Youtube vids. Another video here Another here Another here Another here Another here Another here (Check out the 1:22 mark - that shit is crazy!) Another here Another here Draft Combine interview

DC Pro Sports Report NBA Mock Draft index


For those of you who DON'T know about this. The most comprehensive Mock Draft index to my knowledge.

Some Nice DX Mock Draft Developments


I was bored, so I decided to take a jaunt over to Draft Express, and I elated to see Ricky Rubio as no. 2 on the 2009 Draft Board, as well as Jrue Holiday at no. 24. DX having Rubio at no. 2 just makes me so much happier as a person; now if Rubio does actually enter the draft there are so many more options for Sacramento. If Sacramento picks up Griffin we can potentially get a defensive point guard (although a project) in Holiday, or go after a more finished product like Collison. There is even potential to draft Jeff Teague or Eric Maynor, who are at no. 18 and 19 respectively, if they do slide more than they have already. I'm excited.

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