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Kings executive: team isn't going anywhere.


"Murphy said not only is the team staying put, but a new arena will eventually be built. With it, he said, will be a minimum of 4,000 new jobs, 500 new businesses constructed into the infrastructure of the building and upping the region's priority to host an All-Star game." Take it for what it's worth, but here is yet another reiteration of commitment from the team to stay put, and moreover commit long-term. If this is just a ploy to get ticket sales up regionally, the Maloofs are only digging themselves into a deeper hole of lies.

Seattle arena location violates city law, says expert


An architect and former city councilman claims that the current Seattle arena plan is in noncompliance with zoning law, also says footprint is too large to allow for proper buffer zone with heavy industry. Not sure if this will end up being a big deal for them, but I thought I'd pass it along as it illustrates how Seattle may be a bit further from being able to secure a team than some people would like to believe.

STOP declares victory, gives up petition drive


"Our efforts paid off much faster than we expected. In a matter of six weeks, largely because of our opposition, Mayor Johnson’s TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED deal to build a Railyard Arena for the Kings collapsed." "While we have reduced our signature gathering effort, we are prepared to increase it again should the need arise. We will remain vigilant and continue to actively monitor the Railyard’s development to insure that public monies are not expended on an arena there."

Keeping Kings in town tiny part of Johnson's new arena goal


The regional support we have seen the past few months is remarkable. "Think BIG" is comprised of community leaders, elected officials, business owners and labor leaders from across six counties. For months, they have worked together in the trenches. In the upcoming months between now and the holidays, our "Think BIG" team will finalize the funding options. And from January to March, we will negotiate agreements with relevant parties as we prepare to break ground and pour concrete in Sacramento's downtown rail yards redevelopment site.

Three respected Sacramento voices discuss the woes of Power Balance Pavilion, rate Mayor Kevin...

Three respected Sacramento voices discuss the woes of Power Balance Pavilion, rate Mayor Kevin Jonhson’s leadership and offer their predictions on the likelihood of success in efforts toward building a replacement sports and entertainment complex on an hour-long special on the Access Sacramento show (Comcast Channel 17). The panel consisted of Marcos Breton, of the Sacramento Bee, Sam Amick, of SI.com, and Eric Hogue of News Talk 1380. The show aired at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 24 on Comcast 17. The show News Forward is sponsored by The Sacramento Press Club and Access Sacramento. It’s hosted by The Bee’s Ed Fletcher. I recorded it for those of you who may have missed it. No breaking news or anything here, but it was an interesting and in-depth discussion that I figured my STR friends would want to watch. Enjoy.

Surcharges at new Kings arena could raise $20 million a year, report says


"Surcharges on everything from tickets to hot dogs could raise as much as $20 million a year toward construction of a new downtown Sacramento sports arena, Mayor Kevin Johnson's task force said today. Those user fees could wind up generating more than half the money needed to pay for the arena, according to a report released today by the Think Big Sacramento task force."

Kansas City masterpiece: Does it offer a model for Sacramento's arena?


In a Special to the Bee, a Kansas City columnist and "recovering naysayer" describes how the Sprint Center overcame the hurdles of a public-private partnership to be built, and how it has delivered on the promises of the "believers".

Viewpoints: Game plan: Build arena for sports, entertainment


Great article by local conservative talk show host Eric Hogue. "To those who would suggest that we shouldn't build an arena because we're cutting services like fire and police protection, the fact is we must build an entertainment complex so that we can stop having to make those cuts. Sacramento needs to create a new revenue stream – a catalyst that stimulates private sector growth and the resulting public sector income. A sports and entertainment complex will do just that through increased development, new business and additional jobs."

Railyard Cleanup Likely Not A Big Hurdle For Downtown Arena


Interesting article as it relates to to environmental issues of the site where the arena will be built. "The city has already conducted an environmental impact analysis regarding future development at the site. But if an arena project does advance, the city/developers may have to prepare another extensive environmental review of the facility itself–a process that could add some delays or challenges to putting the development on a fast-track."

Ziller on KFBK


Ziller was gracious enough to join former Sacramento County Sheriff turned talk show host John McGinness on his program Monday. Lots of promotion for the Here We Stay campaign to a non-sports oriented audience.

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