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Surprise! Sources Say Artest Might Opt Out After All


You can never predict what Ron Artest will say next. We all know this. That is probably why, despite two months of "I'm not opting out" talk, we aren't surprised when a report like this one from...

Ron Artest, The Knicks: The Perpetual Question With the Same Ol' Answer


It's June, which means it's time for bored New York writers to bore us with the same question they bore us with every June: does Ron Artest want to be Knick? Mark Lelinwalla of the New York Daily...

Bevy of Ron Artest Material


As Amick has noted, Ron Artest has been all over Carmichael Dave's late-night show the past week. This page has all the audio, some of which is the typical hilariously awkward Ron type of stuff,...

The Difference Between an Artest Player Option and an Artest Early Termination Option


(Note: Update at the bottom.) Does Ron Artest have a player option for 2008-09, or an early termination option? It's more than semantics. An option can be picked up at any point between the end...

Artest Interviews Kobe


This very nearly requires 'holy sh*t' treatment: Sacramento Kings Forward, NBA star Ron Artest, interviews the NBA's 2007-08 MVP Player of the Year, LA Laker's Superstar Kobe Bryant, on FSN's...

Tracking the Turnover Crisis


(Two thousand thank-yous to the irrepressible section214 for holding down El Fort de StR during my [impeccable] holiday. He didn't kill any of my plants, and he even left one beer in the fridge!...

The Final Entry in The Theus-Amick-Napear-Martin-Artest Clusterf*ck


Sam Amick posted the audio from Jim Crandell's show, which is a tour de force of WTF. Listen if you haven't. Marty McNeal had the definitive column on the matter, which is all sorts of awesome...

Kevin Martin's Unprecedented Arsenal


Most high-scoring guards in the NBA fall into two categories: slasher or shooter. Slashers, like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, draws tons of fouls. Shooters, like Ray Allen and Michael Redd, bomb...

Theus: Artest's Better Than Martin


In his post-season press conference, Reggie Theus repeatedly called Ron Artest his best player, and said he's the only guy you can "throw it to" when the game's on the line.   "Down the stretch...

Theus Held Artest Out of Lakers Game


From Sam Amick's Bee notes column: According to numerous team sources, Artest – who has been battling a left thumb injury – asked to play and was rebuffed by Kings coach Reggie Theus. ... He...

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