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Patrick Mulvaney Can't Get His Head out of His Maloof


Discuss here. Personally, I think the man has a penchant for deception and buggery. I for one, will never recommend his eatery at any firm I work for or any friends/family/client I ever know. Meanwhile, enjoy, Mulvaney. I hope it's worth your cheap-as-hell dining with the Melindas.

David Aldridge Morning Tip On M*loofs


8. I wish the Maloofs would sell controlling interest in the Kings to Larry Ellison It's understandable that the family is uneasy being told by others what to do with its business. I wouldn't like it, either. But there isn't anyone in Sacramento who has any faith left in the Maloofs, and it's hard to see an arena ever being built there as long as they're owners, because what they consider negotiating is considered stalling and equivocating by city government officials, who've had enough after the latest arena deal fell through. Selling 51 percent or more of the team to Ellison would allow the Maloofs to stay on as co-owners while injecting desperately-needed capital into the franchise. And if they could convince Ellison to keep the team in Sacramento as a term of the sale, they'd be viewed as heroes in town instead of pariahs. I don't know Ellison's business plan, but he desperately wants an NBA team. And the Kings are the closest NBA team to Ellison's home base that aren't the Warriors, who Ellison tried to buy a couple of years ago, losing out to the Joe Lacob-Peter Guber group. If an arena deal was still possible in Sacramento for Ellison, it's hard to imagine him wanting to move the team less than 100 miles to San Jose, where he wanted to spirit the Hornets had he been able to buy them and move them out of New Orleans. And Ellison isn't going to move a team to Seattle; the whole point is to have a team he can go watch every night. *Intersting perspective from DA. Would you trust Ellison to not relocate if he bought the Kings?*

Petition to Maloofs: Sell the team


I created this petition on change.org last week because I'd decided that I was done playing nice with the Maloofs, and that my desire for new owners now trumped my fear of pissing off the current ones. I hesitated, however, and decided not to share it. After seeing that Sacramento business leaders have decided to take a stand against the Maloofs and send their own letter to the Board of Governors urging new ownership, I'm emboldened again to give fans and other concerned individuals a chance to send a unified message that it's past time for the Maloofs to do the right thing and sell the team. I understand the concerns of those that are uncomfortable with this kind of thing, and I'm not going to try to convert anyone that thinks this is a bad idea. But if you're ready to put your name down as someone who no longer trusts the Maloofs at the wheel of something that is so important to you, please sign this petition and share it widely.

Maloof's In Another Music Video


Maloof's in another music video. David Banner's Get Like Me is the video they appear in. First It was Lil Wayne's now David Banners, wonder who's next? I couldn't embed the video on here for some reason so I just gave the link. I know theres more important news out there, but I thought this was kind of funny. They appear several times in the video: - :45 - 3:32 - 3:37

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