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Hats Off to Our Distant Hopes: A Review of Previews


(Below, you will find a collection of links to the myriad previews we have written for your pleasure. Please, let them please you. Mouse over the photo to ascertain the player to be previewed;...

Speed Kills, But Kevin Martin Lives Forever


[Previews like what.] I'm not sure what else to say about Kevin Martin. During the season, I will seriously write about him almost every day. Check the archives. I've been singing his song for t...

How Strange, It's Getting Harder for Water to Clean Bobby Jackson Off


[Previews like what.] I've already talked about Bobby Jackson a bit, so let me humbly quote myself: I hate to tell you this, buuuuut ... Bobby Jackson is basically done. His shooting has been...

Try to Understand: When Donte Greene Can, He Will


 [Previews like what.] Donté Green cannot do a damn thing wrong this year. We, here and elsewhere, typically expect a lot from our rookies, no matter the age. Kevin Durant went from potential...

Jason Thompson Brought an Original Rothko to Our Wizard Party!


[Previews like what.] The initial earnest reaction to the selection of Jason Thompson amounted to the estimation/prayer we had a new wizard on our hands, the vaunted Guard in a Big Man's...

Fly With Bobby Brown


[Previews like what.] Bobby Brown is the ultimate no-risk, high-reward move ... for both Geoff Petrie and Reggie Theus. Petrie spent 1/1000th of Kenny Thomas' weekly earnings on Brown. (Slight...

Mikki Moore: The Man With the Golden Gun


[Previews like what.] Ev'ry bit player in the NBA could take a lesson or forty from Mikki Moore. "How to Endear Yourself to a City Based Completely on a Steady Diet of Exaggerated Dunks and...

All Spencer Hawes Needs is a War, Boys


[This is one of StR's '07-08 Kings previews. Follow them here.] It's cliché as all hell, but Spencer Hawes really does need doubt and dissension to thrive. Like so many underachievers who have...

Whither Brad Miller


  Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble, And if I stay it will be double. So come on and let me know – Should I stay or should I go? -          The Clash, 1981 ...

Quincy, We Hardly Knew Ye


  My continuing series of dedicating way too much space on fringe players (you should have seen what I was working on for Noel Felix)- I’ve come to praise Quincy Douby, not bury him. There will...

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