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NBA Draft Preview by Jay Bilas


Nice breakdown of the NBA draft by Jay Bilas here. I agree with most of what he said.

Voisin: Rubio Will Workout on Wednesday


"Kings co-owners Joe and Gavin Maloof, who would have to commit to a potentially complicated legal process and/or potential trade scenario if Geoff Petrie identifies Rubio as his NBA Draft Day target (at No.4), are flying in from Las Vegas early Wednesday to watch the 18-year-old run through some drills during an early afternoon workout. Details of the session are unclear, though apparently it won't be too extensive. Rubio recently finished his EuroLeague season and has been taking a break physically. Nonetheless, I am sure Petrie and new Kings coach Paul Westphal are curious for a closer peek." Also, dinner was at Aioli's Bodega Española on 18th and L...

DX: Point Guard Stats Analysis

Some Highlights: - "... Lawson got to the line on a per possession basis significantly more frequently than anyone ... at .47 FTA per possession. Ricky Rubio followed him in second at .40 ...Rubio’s injured Euroleague play (also) earned him a top-10 spot, which tells you how well he effortlessly draws contact in the paint." - Rubio had a True Shooting % of 57% - same as Flynn, better than Evans, Holiday and Jennings. - "Rubio posts the two highest marks in (assists per 40 minutes) with his impressive ability to set the table for his teammates. His 10.4 assists per-40 dwarfs Ty Lawson’s 7.7 and is simply outstanding for any player, let alone an 18 year old in the second best League in the world. Even his Euroleague numbers are excellent, telling you a lot about how well he got everyone involved while playing essentially one-handed. Maybe he isn't "all hype" after all?" - "Rubio is the top thief (steals per 40 min.) in our group, which is impressive since he did so in the top League outside of the NBA with a bad wrist. While the sample size of the Euroleague is obviously very limited, he ranks out extremely well in the ACB league as well."

Rubio's Coming to Sacramento


... for an interview. Also visiting Memphis, Oklahoma City and ... New York, according to Marca. Via HoopsHype.

Ricky speaks


Translated bits: "if there isn't a good project I won't go to the NBA" "The order you're picked is important, it means status, but you have to think about the project and the players of the team who's picking you" "Memphis has the 2nd pick, but anything can happen" "There's a chance I'll stay with Joventut, it depends on where I'm picked and final negotiations, but mostly because of the buyout, which my agent is negotiating with Joventut" "If there isn't a good project I won't go. If I go it'd be to a place where there's some future"

Live Rubio Updates From ... Geoff Petrie


Maybe I was too hard on him. Regardless, Rubio has left his game with a groin strain.

Kings won't rush coaching decision, Petrie in Europe to see Rubio


Great info coming from Sam Amick. Damn, it's good to have him working for the Bee. If we believe Joe, EJ is not getting an offer anytime soon and it looks like the Kings front office has some interest in Ricky Rubio

Spanish media: Rubio "officially" to declare


According to Spanish wire service EFE, translated by me: After a meeting with his agent and the president of Joventut, "sources close to the player have confirmed that Ricky Rubio has decided 'oficially' to enter the process of selecting new NBA players

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