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Any Way You Slice It, Boogie Cousins Is An All-Star


Please take a look at my article on Demarcus Cousins deserved All-Star status. Any comments, shares, or rec's are greatly appreciated. Tell me what you think! Vote Boogie!

Pick and Roll Over: Demarcus Cousins and the Kings Defensive Struggles


Hey Sactown Royalty, Please check out my analysis of the Kings pick and roll defense at kingsscoop.com. Any shares or rec's are greatly appreciated. Go Kings!

Mayor: Arena 'Plan B' Now Expected Next Month


From KCRA: A new plan for how to build an arena in downtown Sacramento is now expected in June, Mayor Kevin Johnson said Tuesday. "It's going to take a little longer," Johnson told reporters. Johnson had initially said he hoped to offer an update to the City Council as early as May 8.

Maloof fires back at Sacramento government over letter


NBA.com's take on the Maloof's response to the Sacramento Government letter.


Sactown Royalty: Know Your Meme - Acronym Edition

Hey guys! Your friendly VenomySnicket here, to explain to you the exceedingly simple workings of most of the 'memes' that one might see in any random comment on anything. A Meme is: a postulated...

Advanced Stats - Donte 4th Most Improved Player


Interesting thread at APBR Metrics board. Ranks most improved players according to eWins. JT was #7 in November (if you go back to page 1). Donte is now #4 as we near the end of the season (scroll to bottom of page). I know it's easy to get down on some of our young guys because our expectations get so high when they have oscillate between amazing and dunderheaded, but it's still nice to see validation of their progress and remind ourselves how they are progressing.

Skeets talks up the Kings and backs Reke for ROY.

Ep. 475: Mariachi Madness from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

Skeets talks up the Kings and backs Reke for ROY.

Kenny Thomas is 76.7% Attractive


The results are incredibly accurate, shockingly so. Tell me they aren’t talking about Sir Kenny Thomas. No really, I dare you…


Candace of SacKings Dance Team Interview

Here is a little interview I did with Candace of our Sacramento Kings Dance Team earlier this week. Fun little read for those interested. I'm thinking about starting a series of these for...

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