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Another potential snag?


Another reason the Kings-to-Seattle sale is NOT a done deal.

Kings Monday Prospect Workouts Announced

Monday, June 18 Kyle Fogg (Arizona) Devoe Joseph (Oregon) Robbie Hummel (Purdue) Wesley Witherspoon (Memphis) Mike Scott (Virginia) Robert Sacre (Gonzaga) Probably looking for a second round pick.

Patrick Mulvaney Can't Get His Head out of His Maloof


Discuss here. Personally, I think the man has a penchant for deception and buggery. I for one, will never recommend his eatery at any firm I work for or any friends/family/client I ever know. Meanwhile, enjoy, Mulvaney. I hope it's worth your cheap-as-hell dining with the Melindas.

David Aldridge Morning Tip On M*loofs


8. I wish the Maloofs would sell controlling interest in the Kings to Larry Ellison It's understandable that the family is uneasy being told by others what to do with its business. I wouldn't like it, either. But there isn't anyone in Sacramento who has any faith left in the Maloofs, and it's hard to see an arena ever being built there as long as they're owners, because what they consider negotiating is considered stalling and equivocating by city government officials, who've had enough after the latest arena deal fell through. Selling 51 percent or more of the team to Ellison would allow the Maloofs to stay on as co-owners while injecting desperately-needed capital into the franchise. And if they could convince Ellison to keep the team in Sacramento as a term of the sale, they'd be viewed as heroes in town instead of pariahs. I don't know Ellison's business plan, but he desperately wants an NBA team. And the Kings are the closest NBA team to Ellison's home base that aren't the Warriors, who Ellison tried to buy a couple of years ago, losing out to the Joe Lacob-Peter Guber group. If an arena deal was still possible in Sacramento for Ellison, it's hard to imagine him wanting to move the team less than 100 miles to San Jose, where he wanted to spirit the Hornets had he been able to buy them and move them out of New Orleans. And Ellison isn't going to move a team to Seattle; the whole point is to have a team he can go watch every night. *Intersting perspective from DA. Would you trust Ellison to not relocate if he bought the Kings?*

IT Officially the 2nd Best Rookie


The Kings have won three straight, and Thomas continues to be the catalyst this team needs. He's now scored in double-digits in five straight and seven of his last eight games. He also notched his second double-double in Friday's 120-95 rout of the Celtics with 13 points and 10 assists. "We're having fun right now, playing the game the right way," Thomas said before Tuesday's 119-110 win over the Grizzlies, in which he had 18 points and seven assists. "It's always nice when guys are knocking down shots."

When Kingdom Come: Kings Look to Party Like It's 1999


The 2011-12 Kings are (slightly) reminiscent of the 1999 team that became a surprise playoff contender. It's okay to be overly optimistic after a long five months.

Tron hates the Kings or maybe we are better off with a lockout


So Ridnour, Rubio, Love, Beasley, Milicic and the defensive juggernaut known as the Timberwolves held the Kings to 41% shooting. Reke has clearly decided to make Kings fans happy by continuing his Ricky Rubio impersonation, notching 9 more assists, while shooting 30% from the field again. Personally, I think the fact that simulated Westphal has only used 1 starting lineup in 6 games renders this whole exercise invalid.

Q&A with Jason Thompson (Part I)


The first part of my interview with JT, in which he discusses his foundation and the L.I.V.E. Like JT campaign; his Kings-themed fundraiser in Camden, NJ on Saturday; and his NBA mentors. Part II coming next week with a full recap and pictures from the event, plus JT on his offseason (he hasn't played much basketball due to his broken toe); thoughts on the Kings' trades and draft picks; and his personal and team goals (Playoffs!).

Audio: Robert Horry Says That The Kings Belong In Sacramento


Horry may be one of the most hated figures in Sacramento but he had nothing but great things to say about Kings fans. Horry says he wants the team to remain in Sacramento and he looks back on the Kings/Lakers rivalry.

FromTheCapital.com at it again...


now he's saying "I told you so." It could just be me, but it sounds like he's just trying to get credit where credit isn't due.

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